How Many More Ways Can You Pimp Out My Dog?!?

Ahhh, those words have been responsible for more activity in the last 4 months than almost any others.

Do you have people in your life who bring out the best in you? Who inspire you to take all that you have and share it with the world in a whole new way?Image

This past week, I was overjoyed at the arrival of my latest book, in print and in a big box. Other than a quick mention as co-author, however, you’d never know I was involved. This book was written by my fuzzy little brother Super Teddy Maximus, and it is titled: “BUST Out of Your CRATE: Super Teddy’s Top-20 Tips for People to be as Happy as Dogs”.

Teddy’s life story is pretty remarkable. As an adorable Yorkie-Pomeranian, he has squeezed some pretty high-octane excitement and drama into his two years on this earth.

His roots are deep in the South (although his bark barely offers traces of an accent). Teddy was rescued in Louisiana as the only survivor his litter (all brothers and sisters were lost, making him extra-special). The first leg of his journey brought him to Maine, after which an on-line ad caught the eye of my girlfriend Tina and her mom Lorraine (who live in Vermont).

Having recently lost her beloved Sasha, Lorraine was in search of a new furry friend to love (and spoil, and spoil, and spoil). A little ad, for a little dog named Maximus, caught her eye.

A drive to Maine with a stop in NH to show me the new little fuzz-ball made me question his name.

“Shouldn’t he be called MINimus?” I asked. He looked like a hedgehog, barely bigger than the palm of my hand.

Soon-after, he was re-christened Teddy (then ‘Super Teddy’ after he was spied sleeping in a weird position while wearing a red sweater).

This little guy immediately took over all our lives.

Anywhere we went, people gushed over him.

He and I are especially close, as I am his only male-bonding companion. He completely ignores the second floor of their house when I am not there.

When my third book, “OH YEAH! (Another Quote Book)” was being written, someone made the suggestion that Teddy be allowed to share some of HIS bits of wisdom. He got three chapters at the end.

One of the first people who purchased it sent an e-mail upon receiving it, proclaiming: “Oh my gosh, I went right to the back and started with Teddy’s chapters!!”

Gee, thanks…

Instead of boiling over with jealousy, I took stock of Teddy’s increasing fan club. He had everything I needed to make a star: he was young, single, adorable…and was a snazzy dresser.

In late 2011, as I was working upstairs, Teddy was crated so that I could get some work done. When I trekked down for breakfast, I could hear him sniffing and peeking through the slots of the crate.

“You want to bust of that crate and have some fun, don’t you?!?”

As soon as the words escaped my mouth, I laughed.

That sounded like a pretty cool book title.

Together, we ran upstairs to jot it down before the sounds of my growling stomach erased them from my mind. That night, I informed Tina and Lorraine that Teddy would soon have his own book.

Lorraine mentioned something about royalties (saying that Teddy put her up to it), while Tina’s eyes rolled as she asked my now-favorite question: “How many more ways can you pimp out my dog?”

Ohhh, there are soooo many more ways.

Teddy’s got so much pimpin’ left in him that the Secret Service will come sniffing around HIS door!

How are YOU doing in your life these days? Are you using all the resources available to you?

Do you know people (or animals) who inspire you to share your message in unique and fun ways?

Do YOU have a Super Teddy?

*With every copy of the book sold, Super Teddy is generously donating $2.00 to top-rated 501(c)(3) non-profits who take care of beautiful animals just like him! (and $1.00 per copy of the e-book)


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