I See Blue Water…Must Be Company Coming!

There it was, as I lifted the lid. Blue water.

It was as if all the heavenly hosts gathered together and rained sunshine down upon me in that moment, their angelic voices booming “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…..fresh cleeeeeeean!!!”

Some people put out the good silverware. Some use cloth napkins. Some even hide the litterbox in the garage.

At our house, shortly before guests arrive, the water in every toilet turns blue. In the Bible, water was turned to wine for guests. Ours get blue toilet water. Different strokes, I guess.  Image

What do YOU do for company, or special occasions?

After many years of this phenomenon, this weekend I stopped and wondered: “Why do guests get to be so lucky? What makes THEM so special?”

To parody the JG Wentworth TV commercial promising instant gratification for those who have a structured settlement: “I want my blue water, and I want it now!!!”

Why are we denying OURSELVES the gift of blue water…or ANY luxury, really?

Whether or not the skies are cloudy or sunny, I could be greeted by my very own blue bowl of sunshine every morning, if I just make a 30-second effort each night before going to bed.

What are YOU denying yourself each day? Is there something you can do each evening to create a smile each morning?

Does your coffee maker have an automatic timer, so you can be greeted by a fresh cup, versus yesterday’s stale residue in your cup?

Could you place your favorite CD in the car stereo so that, with the turn of a key the next morning, you are greeted by a song that will get your day started on a rockin’ note?

Could you place the first one or two tasks front and center on your desk, so your workday begins with a bang, minus the ‘shuffling’?

Could you hide that first treat of the day somewhere special, so your dog or cat will know to come and greet you each new day?

Each of these could take just a few extra moments of preparation.

Why wait for company?  It’s YOUR house.  It’s YOUR office.  It’s YOUR life!!

Be bold, be brave and honor YOURSELF today.

What is YOUR blue water?


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