Those Things You Do, and UN-do, and RE-do!

While plotting my message for this week’s blog, I worked my way through the usual cast of characters: Facebook, and my local media web pages.

After a much-needed afternoon nap on Sunday (90-degree temps and emptying a garage attic contributed), I awoke to the Tom Hanks movie “That Thing You Do” on Encore. I LOVE THIS FILM!

If you haven’t seen it, here is the basic premise. A young rock and roll band in Erie PA enters a talent contest. The day of the event, the drummer breaks his arm. As a last-minute stand-in, drummer Guy Patterson takes it upon himself to triple-speed the drumming, turning a ballad into a catchy rocker…and the crowd goes wild!

The rest of the movie follows the trajectory of the band, called The Wonders, as they make their way from small rock and roll shows to Hollywood. Along this path, each band member grows in his own way, occasionally with a bit of friction. What they DO learn, however, is to make their song better and better as they go, transitioning into bigger and brighter success among larger, louder audiences.

At its peak, the band has a Top-10 record and appears in a major television show with insane crowd reaction (think The Beatles!).

Almost immediately, personality differences erupt and bust the band to smithereens.

What held them together for so long was the arc of the flare, until it burst and trailed off in four different directions. As the credits roll, we discover where life has taken each of the band members. While it caused the ultimate destruction of the group, this journey set each member up for where life was to take them next.

What song have you been singing? What groups have you hit the stage with, in your life?

While you may not be singing your old songs anymore, how did they get you to where you are today?

I love what I get to do for a living. I get to literally take a stage, every week. Over time, the people on my stage have changed. Some are fond memories, others really needed to go. They hit too many sour notes.

As my career has progressed, my songs have become more fun to sing. They’ve gotten better, sharper, more focused. And I just LOVE singing them!

What songs are you singing these days? Are they upbeat and happy, igniting the spirit of people around you, as well as yourself?

Are you waxing nostalgic, wallowing in wishes for better days?

Please honor yourself this week by blocking out the noises of the world. Please listen…and I mean really listen, to your song. Does it make YOU tap your toes and smile? If so, replay it over and over.


If not, perhaps you’d benefit from some new people in the band.

As a footnote: in the final scene of the movie, drummer Guy Patterson is sitting alone in a recording studio, last man standing as the band disintegrates. To break the silence, he drums out his signature rhythm, playing only for himself. From the studio next door comes a man whose attention has been caught by Guy’s playing. It turns out to be Guy’s musical hero, who invites him to jam.


One of my goals this year is to speak in front of 5000 people.

I will continue to sing my song until I meet and befriend MY heroes, who will invite me to share my songs with their audiences.

That thing YOU do is very special, and I wish you nothing but pure joy as you sing your song!

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