Quit Waiting for the Music, Write Your Own Song!

I am a sucker for movies in which the hero (or hero to be) suffers setback after setback, blow after blow, only to rise up and conquer his/her demons and triumph over evil and adversity. You can always tell when it’s about to happen. It is the moment at which the clouds part, the rays of the sun dance through the darkness, and uplifting, powerful music emanates from the heavens.

There have been moments in my life when this has happened. 

While I may not have heard the music at the time, I’ve added it to the soundtrack in retrospect.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been dealing with a logjam of overwhelm, frustration, fatigue and a general feeling that I cannot keep up with all that is going on. The bills were piling up, the money was low, I am missing my often-traveling sweetheart, and have been feeling pretty down over it all.

Basically, I was sitting on the curb, head in my hands…waiting for the music.  

Guess what? Apparently the orchestra didn’t get the memo, because there wasn’t one.

Real life doesn’t follow a script provided by Hollywood’s top writers.

Morgan Freeman isn’t narrating my story.

Alan Silvestri and his orchestra are not composing my “Comeback Crescendo”!

This will be a week of getting my butt up off the curb and getting back into the race. Even if it is only a few steps at a time, they WILL be taken.

The pathetic overwhelm of scatterbrained thoughts and intermittent action (without accomplishment) must be replaced by ‘completion’.

Even if I have to break out the leaf-blower that huffs, puffs and blows the clouds away better than the big, bad wolf…I’ll do it!

My music must ROCK this week. I’m tired of hearing the string section noodling out downtrodden little ditties of frustration.

Sad songs suck.

It’s time to R-O-C-K!

Are YOU ready to plug in and let it rip this week, making your own music?


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