Instant Karma and the Blue Light Special!

In mid-June, I was honored to have been part of a Relay for Life event in Salem NH.

To see so much love, all wrapped up in one event celebrating life and remembrance, was incredible.

As the clock approached midnight (after 6.5 hours and 16 miles), my cramped legs and burning feet began to protest, and I hung up my walking shoes.

After bidding farewell to my team captain (and dear friend) Regina, I made a creaky, teetering walk to my car, loaded with several bags of supplies.

Barely 2 miles away, just before hopping on Route 93 North for my 35-minute ride home, I approached the final traffic light, which turned green as I arrived. Off to my right, I spied a pair of headlights approaching…and not stopping. If I was one second faster, he’d have hit me as he ran his red light, taking a right turn and cutting me off. All I saw in the glare of my headlights was the side of his head…and his cell phone.


I let it rip on my horn, cursing as my aching leg had to slam on the brake pedal.

A moment later I saw blue lights flashing as a police officer, who was perfectly parked to witness this idiot in action, pounced and caught his prey.   


I believe in karma. I believe that the energy we put out into the world will cause the world to respond in kind. Do bad things still happen to good people?

Of course.

Can it sometimes take a while for people to ‘get what is coming to them’?


But was it a sweet, fist-pumping victory for me to see karma served up so quickly in this instance?

Hell, yes.

I hope you approach this week with the best of intentions. I hope you win everything for which you are competing, while playing fair and not intentionally harming anyone.

May you celebrate every victory, won fairly and squarely, and never have to worry about a blue light special in YOUR rear view mirror!


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