Are YOU Clearing Hay-Fields With a Weed-Wacker?

This past weekend, I faced a dilemma. The backyard at Tina’s house hadn’t been mowed in quite some time, and the neighbor’s plants had decided the grass was greener in our back yard. The root system of the vines next door had invaded!

The aging lawnmower in the shed had last been started several months ago, and it took just 3 pulls before the pull-cord frayed and snapped, leaving me with a handle, 6 inches of rope and a very bad outlook for my afternoon.   

Dejected, I trudged to my car for my 100-foot extension cord so I could fire up the electric weed-wacker. Needle in a haystack? That was me, as I was practically trimming a hayfield one blade of grass at a time.

After completing about 1/3 of the back yard, dripping with sweat, we made a decision: it was time to invest in a new lawnmower!

A quick trip to the hardware store (with a cool coupon, it pays to be frugal) meant a ride home with an extra passenger: a bright and shiny new Husqvarna self-propelled mower. After minimal assembly, and a check of this unfamiliar yard for rocks and branches, I was off!

It only took 20 minutes to finish the job, completely and effectively.

Ever feel you’re trying to do YOUR job with inefficient tools?

Are you lost in a huge hayfield armed only with a weed-wacker?

Perhaps this week you can invest in yourself, and your tool arsenal, becoming more efficient and empowered.

I’ll be getting a smart phone. The one I’ve got is not so smart.

I can’t get my e-mails on it. I can’t surf the web effectively.

I lose time and effectiveness when I have to run all the way back to my office just to update my website.

I’m weed-wacking in the endless hay-field of the world wide web, and that’s not good.

Here’s to YOU, my friends: may you honor your mission by arming yourself with more effective tools.

The most powerful one is your mind. That’s a good place to start.

Fire it up and clear out everything that’s in your way, powerfully and efficiently!



  1. I love your analogies Steve! I’ve been there, trying to run a business online with ineffective tools, and it sucks. Funny you should mention the smartphone… I just got one a couple weeks ago, and honestly I didn’t believe that I needed it until I got it. Now I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  2. I love the way you illustrate your posts with real-life events! I need to think about which of my business tools are weed whackers and see where I can be more efficient. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Great message here..I love your posts and how you weave stories from everyday life in them 🙂 I upgraded to a smart phone a few years back and I live it!

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