Sometimes It Takes a Village…

…to protect an idiot.

(This blog is from the March 2009 archives, a great reminder to stay focused!)

According to the Merriam Webster On-line Dictionary, a foolish or stupid person may be referred to as an idiot. I tried to upload my picture next to it, with a hyperlink that said ‘See Me’.  No dice.

Generally, I do not think of myself in this way. Nor should anyone, really.

However, given the events this week, if a parade were dedicated to idiots I might qualify as Grand Marshall on the main float.

First, let me quote a recent personal profile study in which I participated. According to the results, I am a person who:

  • enjoys structure and order, over chaos
  • has a clear sense of direction
  • can weather many storms

In response to the last item: Baby, it’s raining and we’ve got holes in the boat!

According to the same profile study, my weak points are:

  • having too much ability for certain jobs
  • getting easily bored

To avoid disasters like the ones I created this week, it is best that the idiot in question surrounds himself with people who can compensate for his weaknesses.  Hence, the village.

Apparently, proofreading the sample copy of my latest book before authorizing the printing of 1000 copies created boredom for me. Perhaps I have too much ability to have realized that 8 of the 20 chapters were missing due to an error on my part.

Thankfully, I have people around me to save from myself. Good people who live, thrive and survive by actually paying attention to details and not fast-forwarding through the boring parts.

It was an expensive lesson, but a lesson just the same.

Wherever you are in life, I hope you have managed to surround yourself with a village which cares for you and saves you from dangers of all kinds, especially from yourself.

Play to your strengths, and never be afraid to send someone else up to the plate to play to theirs. It can save much heartbreak, embarassment, and money.

On a positive note, I’ve got a heck of a sale going on and, as I believe in truth in advertising: all books are literally 40% off !



  1. You have a great way of describing events Steve! One of the benefits of being an active alcoholic was that I always had the drink to blame when I blundered. Now I have no excuse at all and I simply listen to the cries of “What were you thinking?”

  2. Awesome post Steve! It is so true that we need a good team to support us – sometimes I need to ensure I’m in the right mindset before doing a specific task – otherwise I tune out the boring bits too :).

  3. All’s well that ends well, right? Having a supportive team certainly does make a huge difference in my successes – especially the team members who have strengths that I don’t.

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