Thunderclaps and Brainstorms, Rockin’ the Creative Process!

I must admit: this week’s blog came very close to not happening. I picked up the laptop at least 7 times with the intention of writing it, only to find myself lost in a dustbowl of ideas. Local news, national and international headlines…nothing was triggering my brain. Even Facebook, a perennial jumper cable for me, produced nothing but distraction.

Thankfully, even a distraction can strike gold.

A post made by a friend earlier today proclaimed:  Brainstorming day! Meeting up with some fun friends to kick ideas around – love it!  : )

Knowing the explosive power this action can bring, I clicked the ‘like’ button and posted a comment of support. If I didn’t live 7+ hours away, I’d have been there.

An hour before this writing, I scoured Facebook one more time for ideas. An instant message popped up with a friend asking if I could peruse her ‘artist statement’. Thirsty for yet another distraction, I agreed with a smile.

Knowing that ANY decision to help another human being can bring good things my way, I copied and pasted her document to my screen.


Within minutes, my slightly-tweaked version of her statement (which was already powerful by her own pen) was on its way back to her screen.

She really liked it.

I smiled…realizing I’d not only helped a friend, but had also discovered the catalyst for this blog.

Moments later, another friend sent a message. Turns out she’s been experiencing a mid-Summer slump. Having been there myself, I completely understand how dull and uninspiring the doldrums can be!

Basically, I set the parking brake on my own progress when I decided to pull back (last Spring) from my heavy networking schedule…and now it’s time to break free from that self-imposed Denver Boot and get rockin’ down Collaboration Alley!

Are YOU riding solo these days?

Do you wish for the ease and speed of the carpool lane, and the enjoyment it could provide?

Can you find just ONE brainstorm partner this week?

You never know where it could take you.

I had no idea where these 300+ words would come from, until I allowed the energy of three friends to connect with my own.

So happy I traded my boring sky for a thunderous brainstorm.

Thank you Deb, Lisa and Michelle!



  1. I can relate to this! Some days the ideas don’t stop coming and I’m jotting down all sorts of snippets to be transformed into blogs or articles. Then sometimes I don’t feel inspired by anything!
    Similar to your blog being inspired by connecting with others, it was one word left in a comment on a previous post that gave me my idea for this weeks’ blog!

  2. Oh, Steve, I hear you on this! Some days are like a desert and then other days the ideas come like a rainstorm! I find that on the days that I have lots of ideas, writing them down in an idea book really helps. I am so fortunate to have people to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of, as well. When we can talk about and see the ideas that other people have, it really helps!!

  3. This is an awesome article Steve! It just goes to show that there definitely is an *up* side to diving down different rabbit holes ;). Sometimes that is all it takes to get shifting in the right direction – a new perspective!!

  4. Helping others always results in help for yourself, doesn’t it? Funny how it works that way. When I’m stuck for blog idea, I take a look at other blogs – just for ideas. I usually just read headlines, without reading other articles. It’s a great way to trigger new thoughts and ideas. 🙂

  5. This is an excellent tip Steve! Its so important to be able to reach out and connect for help when we need it 🙂

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