You’re Not Being Rejected, You’re Being RePURPOSED!

You’re Not Being Rejected, You’re Being RePURPOSED!

In my grandfather’s day (during the Great Depression), most people threw NOTHING away. Clothing was handed down until it was threadbare (or ran out of kids to fit), then it became a cleaning rag. Tin cans were transformed from food-bearers to storage bins for used nails (which were also straightened and re-used).

In modern society, it seems that the Great American Abundance Mentality has caused us to cast things aside the moment they no longer appear useful.

Sadly, some of us regard people in our lives with the same lack of value.

Are YOU feeling tossed aside, shunned, like the wretched refuse? Have you been banished to the Island of Misfit Has-Beens?  

As someone who has been left behind, it stings. If you’ll pardon my language, let me capture that a little more accurately: it sucks. On a deeper level, it sucks the life from our hearts and souls.

A recent instance, however, hit me like the biggest tidal wave that has ever smashed the beach of that very same Misfit Island. Someone had banished me from their circle and it really bothered me…a lot. As I allowed the dark clouds to gather over my head, I suddenly realized something. I’d always walked around this person on eggshells. Now I didn’t have to. I’d recently done my best to avoid this person at events so that I didn’t have to engage in idle chit-chat while hoping to NOT be invited to lunch.

I wasn’t being rejected….I got rePURPOSED!

According to, to repurpose something means to ‘use or convert in another program or product’.

This person was actually giving me the gift of being valuable to someone else!

I was not threadbare. I was not cast aside, or heaped onto the rag-pile. Instead of spending my time worrying about being a bent and rusty nail in an old tin can on a shelf in one person’s world, I endeavored to become the re-straightened nail that added strength to another structure.

And I did.

After a brief period of hibernation, feeling stuck on the island, I decided to catch the next wave out and surf my way to better shores.

I have been re-energized. I have been re-engaged. I have been repurposed!

So, where are YOU this week, this month, this year…this LIFE?

Do you feel relegated to the rag-pile? Have you allowed others to determine your self-worth?

If you are reading this…there is something very cool about you. I know that, because you are taking the time to invest in something which may add positivity to your life (and losers don’t hang in there for 435 words, trust me).

Whether you’re bright and shiny on the shelf, providing great value to those around you, or you’re reading this from the beach through a pair of wishful binoculars, I say you’ve got value.

And if that value isn’t being appreciated by those with whom you’ve surrounded yourself, perhaps it is time to repurpose YOURSELF. Perhaps it’s time to shine up your assets and upgrade your shelf location!

You’ll be glad you did.

And so will the next person who appreciates all that you have to offer.

Is this the week that you repurpose YOUR purpose?


  1. I love this idea of repurposing your purpose. It’s so true that the best thing to do after feeling the sting of rejection or failure is to look at what the upside is… often times, coming out the other side we can find ourselves enjoying greater success and joy than we thought possible! Thanks Steve 🙂

  2. I love your bright and positive approach to life Steve. I’ve never thought of rejection in terms of repurposing but it’s a wonderful way to approach it!
    It’s really got me thinking!

  3. Love, love, love this Steve! This really resonated with me when you were telling the story of the person banishing you from their circle and you wrote, “This person was actually giving me the gift of being valuable to someone else.” Sometimes we have to release those in our life that don’t resonate with us, to make room for someone who will. Thanks 🙂

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