Never Pogo Stick in a Parking Garage!

Napoleon Hill once said: “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.”

In many cases, I would agree. People who dismiss my goals, hopes and dreams are routinely ignored (where they were once allowed to derail me).

Some things which enter our paths will prove impenetrable, giving us two options: give up or get out from under them!

Last week I found myself in a parking garage. I drive a Honda CR-V, not the tallest of vehicles, but it’s no Mini either. No matter what the signs say, and the fact that I’ve got a roof between my skull and the concrete ceiling, I still find myself ducking as I climb floor to floor (swearing that the ceiling gets lower at each level).

While these structures do create a safe place to park and escape the fiercest weather, they do not allow us to stretch and jump and LIVE to our potential.

As I stepped up and over a curb to exit the garage, it seemed like the ceiling was rushing down to greet me. I am 6’2”, and the curb was barely 4” high…plenty of clearance.

It was my PERCEPTION that the ceiling was too low that even kept me from walking with my normal joy and bounce.

I’ll admit: I am the hopeful optimist. I don’t like being in situations which limit my spirit. Too many times earlier in my life, I allowed the external world to hover over me, smothering me, keeping my spirit from soaring in fears that I’d be skull-scraping in a heartbeat.

In my younger days, there was a hardly a ceiling which could limit me.

My friends and I loved to build ramps and jump our bikes. As we hit our early teens, when puberty kicked in, our newly-gained height caused us to bang our heads on the tree-branches we’d missed a year before. A saw quickly took care of THAT. (For those wondering: we cut off the braches, not our friends’ heads).  

One day we found a pogo stick in an uncle’s garage and, discovering we weren’t jumping high enough, began jumping it off picnic tables and 55-gallon drums. Good thing we’d cut those tree branches, as we were FLYING higher than ever!

The ceiling was limitless, once we removed it.

Some ceilings cannot be breached. Some are called ‘laws’. Others are just not a good idea.

Are you finding yourself unwilling or unable to jump as high as you’d like? What’s stopping you?

Is it a truly set-in-stone concrete barrier, or a tree-branch which simply needs to be trimmed away (or the ‘figurative’ head of someone who consistently limits you with their negativity)?

My advice to you: clear a spot in your life where you can soar as high as you like!

You just never know who may be looking out the door of their own parking garage, hoping to become un-stuck while searching for the secret of flight.

Here’s hoping you spend this week hopping, skipping, jumping, bouncing and flying!



  1. That is a very powerful metaphor…and this “Is it a truly set-in-stone concrete barrier, or a tree-branch which simply needs to be trimmed away” really struck home for me. That is a big difference! Sometimes we think that the tree branches are the concrete barriers, don’t we? Thanks for this, Steve…awesome post!

  2. What a wonderfully positive message! And the image of the pogo-stick made me smile because the joy of the pogo-stick was that you never quite knew how high you could go or what way you would land! But it didn’t matter!
    Am ready now to bounce through the week higher than ever 🙂

  3. I love this story Steve! And the heights you can achieve on a pogo stick can be truly exhilarating… Keep on bouncing ;).

    I can also relate to the ducking when you perceive a lower ceiling – I am 6-ft tall ;).

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