Special People Deserve to Know They are Special!

“Family means too much, Friends are too valuable, And life is too short, to put-off sharing with people, how much they really mean to you.” (unknown)

My Dad has always told me: “If you’ve got something to say to someone, say it”. He’s a straight shooter, and people in his life have a pretty good idea how he feels about them.  Most enjoy it. Some are at the wrong end of his emotional rainbow (they likely earned it).

My family is about as close as a family can be. We’ve got our issues and occasional drama, like anyone else, but we are tight.

As for my Dad and I…

Everyone has a father. Many people are lucky enough to have a ‘Dad’. I am one of the luckiest of souls who has a best friend in his Dad. He and I have been calling each other ‘Bud’ since I was about 14  (I am now a few birthday candles north of 40).

Me and Dad (c.1991) rebuilding our ’62 Chevy pickup

He knows how I feel, and I know how he feels, and that is a good thing.

What was designed as a routine heart catheterization a couple years ago quickly became an emergency double-bypass, as he was rushed from one hospital to the one across town. Some scary moments happened in the following 24 hours…He spent  7 days in a fog of medications before he finally woke up enough to try and piece together what happened to him.

Sitting in the ICU waiting room, I saw other families awaiting news on their loved ones. Some made it, some did not. It was sad to hear, from one woman, that her sister was driving from Maryland to see their relative, but she did not make it in time. I hope she does not have regrets. I hope she has been open and honest all her life, and that the family member knew how she felt.

Me? I have no regrets.  My Dad, as well as my family and friends, all know how I feel.

Do your family and friends know how special they are to you?

If not, would you be willing to pick up the phone this week to share a word or two? It doesn’t have to be a performance worthy of an Oscar for ‘Best Dramatic Moment in a Family Situation’. Perhaps you could send a ‘Because You’re Special’ card or e-mail, leave a voice-mail, or meet for lunch.

The holidays are almost upon us, a perfect time to share your love and kindness with others.

Life is too short to live with regrets, and we don’t always get a second chance to say things.

There is not always a tomorrow.

But there is a TODAY.

If you have stuck with me for this entire message, there is something very good about you.

You are special.

I just want you to know that.


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