Plugging Into the Great American Recovery!

Plugging Into the Great American Recovery!

After the devastating hurricane which ripped up the east coast last week, it was encouraging to see so much help coming from outside the affected areas. Lineman crews from far away, outpourings of donations and support, rock stars putting on a televised concert, and more!

For me, the most profound image is the one which shows what I feel Americans are truly all about.

Neighbors helping neighbors. Strangers helping strangers. Giving, for no other reason than someone else in need.

Dear future leaders of America. Please recognize this. The lead-up to this election has been, in my opinion, a pathetic downward spiral of bashing and posturing.

Even in the midst of this disaster, your supporters continue to viciously attack each side.

If I may ask a favor: PLEASE heed the example set by the family who pays for this electricity. They ‘get it’.

They share and give, because fellow Americans are in need.

Could people take advantage? Of course.

Is there a risk of someone stealing the plugstrip? Yes.

Despite the potential for such a giving act to turn ugly, they are doing it because it is the right thing to do.

What can YOU do in your community this week? Are there people who could benefit from resources you can share?

Is there ONE extra coat in your closet which hasn’t been worn in years? It could be keeping a homeless person warm this winter.

Could you spend an extra $5 or $10 at the grocery store on your next trip, snapping up a gift card for a local family in need?

Is there an elderly person in your neighborhood who would appreciate being ‘checked on’ after a storm?

There are so many ways that we can all step up and be BETTER Americans.

Imagine what could happen if we all did just one thing for one other person each week, just because?

I need to score an assist for this week’s blog inspiration to Grappone Automotive Group. They had a caption contest on Facebook last week. I was very fortunate to win a $10 Hannaford gift certificate, which is being donated to Marguerite’s Place in Nashua. Marguerite’s is a homeless shelter for single women with children. I am hoping this $10 will help with the purchase of even a small treat for a resident’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Please go make something wonderful happen, my friends!



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