Are You Thankful by the Tankful?

America recently celebrated Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to expressing gratitude for the blessings we have received in life, AND stuffing our faces with turkey, vegetables, desserts and, well…stuffing!

The day after Thursday is now well known by the moniker of ‘Black Friday, a day dedicated to reducing prices to jump-start the holiday shopping season. While many people go into it with the same kindness and sanity as they would any other trip to the mall, some instead choose to exercise their own special brand of chaos and inability to treat others (or un-purchased merchandise) with a single ounce of respect.

These are the same people who, just one day earlier, were giving thanks for all the gifts they have.

Did these people receive a special Etch-A-Sketch brain when they were born? Did they shake their heads (erasing all that thankfulness) when the stores opened, to let the madness begin?!?

Did they forget that being thankful is not a once a year activity?

For these people, I offer this bit of advice. It can work for any of us, really.

I have been keeping a journal for over 20 years. In it, among other things, are many moments in my life for which I am thankful. Now, do I expect you all to rush out and buy a blank 200-page journal? No. Far too many are bought every year, only to retire with 199 blank pages.  Woman Pumping Gas

What I’d like to ask is that, each time you gas up your car, you consider taking those few minutes to make a list (and check it twice) of a few things in  your life for which you are thankful. Could be that you’ve got a car that gets you where you need to go, that you and your passengers have arrived safely, or that you actually found a lone surviving Twinkie on the shelf in the mini-mart that day.

Most of us gas up once or twice per week. Are you willing to be thankful at least those times? Who know, you might actually enjoy it, and expand your thankful times to early morning wake-ups and just-before-bed reflections.

Are you willing to be thankful (at least) by the tankful?


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