A Pair of Shoes, Thanks to an Angel in Blue (and a few others)

A Pair of Shoes, Thanks to an Angel in Blue (and a few others)!

The photo featured in this week’s message inspires me…a lot. For all the news reports we hear about cops being overly aggressive, using excessive force (and yes, I do realize that some cops do it), it is so refreshing to see such an act of loving humanity.

Our police do a very difficult job, day in and day out. The kiss good-bye they give/get each day before their shift could very well be their last, and they know it.

For those who may not be aware: NYPD Officer Lawrence DePrimo, while on patrol last week, came upon a homeless man who had no shoes…on a very cold evening. After a brief conversation, the officer visited a nearby store where employee Jose Cano (angel #2) who, upon learning what the officer was doing, offered him a discount on a pair of waterproof boots and warm socks.  Cop homeless shoes

In the process, he just raised the bar, BIG TIME, for the motto ‘to protect and to serve’.

As he returned to help the gentleman put on the boots, tourist Jennifer Foster (angel #3) stood nearby and took the already iconic photograph. Her Dad is a 32-year veteran of the Arizona PD, and this act reminded her of something he’d done in years past.

Angel #3 took photo, shared it with the NYPD, who posted it to their Facebook page…where it quickly racked up over 430,000 likes.

One cop, doing one heart- (and foot-) warming act of kindness has warmed the hearts of millions.

As much as I try to be a giving and charitable person, this has shown me that there is always more that I can do. Even if I don’t have ‘boot’ money, there are ways I can warm the souls of people on my path each day.

Shoes, socks, hats, mittens, a coat, a scarf, food, a smile, a hug, a handshake, a blessing…any ONE of these things can take away the cold for someone.

Could YOU be an angel for someone who desperately needs one?


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