Why Does the Good News Only Happen When the Credits are Rolling?

As hard as it may be to find among the tragedies, there actually ARE good things happening in our communities (and our own lives) every day. I guess they get to use their flashiest special effects for the bad stuff. Big storms let the weatherman scare us with their high-tech gadgetry, sportscasters get exclusive locker room access during controversies, and news anchors get to use their ‘big announcer’ voices when they’re talking about bad people.

As many of you may be aware, I do not watch the TV news. I am not in a cocoon, I am informed. I simply choose not to do a daily cannonball into the deep end of the septic tank.

There is, however, ONE two-minute segment I will admit to watching.

It happens at the very end of the hour, just as the credits start rolling. Basically, right about the time I find out the name of the stylist who does the anchor’s hair (which looks fabulous, by the way), they FINALLY share some GOOD news!

Recent examples: a Good Samaritan store clerk who returned the money a single father had dropped while shopping, a teen who designed an amazing Christmas light display and gave all donations to Make-A-Wish, and a team of people who relocated a bunch of beautiful furry friends from a kill-shelter to a safe place where they could be adopted.


My question: WHY do I have to wade through the muck to get to it? It’s like panning for gold in Turd River!

How about we START with the good stuff, so my soul can be a bit more buoyant when the bad stuff hits me…and the fan?

Do you know PEOPLE like this?

You know, the people who answer the question “How’s it going?” with one bad news item after another, only to put a nice little positive bow on it at the end.

Example: “Ohhh, you know…the car didn’t pass inspection, we lost a couple roof shingles in the storm, the kids are failing Geometry, my mom called and their parakeet flew away (again), someone put an M-80 in our mailbox…but at least my ingrown toenail isn’t bothering me anymore!”

I’d like to ask you, my friends, for a great BIG favor.

The next time someone asks YOU how things are going, would you consider starting off with just one GOOD thing? Who knows, ANOTHER good thing may pop into your mind.

Caution: if you feel that stacking too many good things will feel like bragging, or will make the other person feel inferior, feel free to limit them…and do your best to help that other person to find the good things in his/her life.

Why wait ‘til the credits are rolling?

What is YOUR lead-in story?

One comment

  1. Good Morning my favorite Nephew…………… How are ya? I am good. Got up this a.m. and was able to start the coffee, take dog out for her morning duties, drink some coffee, get some exercise time in, watch part of the Patriots game that I taped; only to find out I should have taped two shows after scheduled time………………. But anyways, life is good and I am thankful for all the wonderful family and friends that are in my life… AND for my wonderful husband and my wonderful life. Love you!!!

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