Load Up Your Cannons…It’ll Be a Blast!

From CNN.com: Workers cleaning a cannon, last fired more than 200 years ago, were shocked to find Friday that it was still loaded with gunpowder, wadding and a cannonball.

The preservation workers from New York’s Central Park Conservancy were removing rust from the antique cannon, which once fired munitions aboard the British warship HMS Hussar, when they made the explosive discovery.

Central Park Cannon Ball FoundWow!! That cannon sat for over 200 years with black gunpowder and cannonball at the ready.

Imagine how many people have posed for photographs with it, allowed their children to sit on it…or lit up a cigarette right next to it? (what a GREAT way to improve results for the Great American Smoke-Out!)

What could the British sailors had been thinking by leaving it loaded?!?

Here is what they may have been thinking: we may need it to protect ourselves and our interests.

That cannon, fastened aboard the HMS Hussar, was designed to protect her crew and cargo, and needed to be ready to do so at a moment’s notice.

Can you relate?

Have you designed systems and mechanisms to protect YOU…and your interests?

Do you have a slush fund or ‘secret’ account ready to bail you out in an emergency?

Is there a team of people ready to step up and lead a charge when your company or mission is attacked?

Someday when you are long gone, will people look back on your life, or your career, and marvel at how you’d set yourself up to protect yourself from all who wished to do you harm?

Have you got some black powder and a cannonball hidden somewhere in your life?

If not, how can you properly protect yourself?

   Should you speak to a financial planner about your retirement?

   Should you consult an attorney for succession of power, if you own a business?

   Does your will reflect the way you wish for your cargo and treasures to be distributed?

Is today the day YOU will load up your cannons and blast your way to a more protected future?


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