Duncan Hines and Generous Debby…The Express Lane Strikes Again!

Duncan Hines and Generous Debby

(the Express Lane Strikes Again!)

I meet the coolest people, and all at the ‘perfect’ time…truly.

A last-minute trip to the grocery store made me smile, mostly because I’m an idiot.

Yup, it’s true…but it pays off every time.

Tina’s instructions were simple enough: “Bread and garlic spread”.

Bread: bakery section to the right of the entrance door.

Spread: Ummmmm…dairy section?  (wayyyyy at the other end of the store)

After some really confused wandering, I broke tradition by stopping to ask for directions.

“You’ll find the spread in the bakery section” said the clerk, with a smile.

“I was just there…I must be an idiot” was my response.

Sure enough, he was correct…about the location, not me being an idiot.

After wandering aimlessly for ten minutes of my life that I’ll never get back, I made my choice of express lanes (one clerk was whining about being stuck there so I chose another, who was smiling).

As I made her laugh, I noticed a woman behind me with only one item in her hand: a boxed cake mix.

“Go ahead, add it to my items”

“Oh no, you don’t have to do that”, she smiled.

“Nah, I’ve got it…this lane was the scene of a Christmas Miracle for me, and I want to give back.”

“Did you buy a winning lottery ticket or something?” she laughed.

“Not exactly.”

I then told her of a woman whose two items I’d paid for at the holidays, only to find out she had collapsed in the parking lot a few months prior. In that instance, a random $7.93 investment in apples and milk introduced me to a wonderful soul named Cecile.

I also made a request: the next time she came shopping, I suggested she buy TWO boxes of cake mix, bake something with love, and bring the goodies to a homeless shelter or person in need. 

As her eyes welled up, she told that her mom resides at an assisted-living facility, and that she enjoys making home-cooked meals and desserts for her…and also her mom’s neighbor (who rarely receives visitors or gifts).

Another AMAZING person in the express lane!

While walking to our cars, I asked her name.

“Debby”, she replied.

“Hi Debby, my name is Steve, and I am so happy I met you tonight!”

When I got home, I explained to Tina what had taken so long.

She laughed and shook her head, knowing that there is always a great reward to my confusion (she won’t call me an idiot).

I tip my hat to Generous Debby and Duncan Hines, both adding great flavor to the world of GIVING!

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