YOU…the Heart and Soul Quicker Picker Upper!

Last Thursday was hit and miss (mostly miss) as I tried (and failed) twice to get out of New Hampshire to visit the west coast to spend a couple days with my fiancée Tina. In between flights which never happened, a phone call to a local non-profit absolutely made my day.

If as first you don’t succeed, try to bribe the universe with some great karma!

Okay, I’m kidding…a little.

After observing the United Airlines employees at my local airport scrambling to help a handful of us who had to make alternate plans, I was inspired to make my waiting time as good as it could be.

In the midst of a tough economy which has put some really decent, hard-working people in tough times, places like New Horizons in Manchester NH are doing their best to help as many people as they can.

I bet there are people in your community doing the same thing: helping good people with food, shelter, warm clothing and the hope and emotional support they need.

I’ve had some great role models in my life…truly great ones.

When so many people think they have to play BIG to help others (like those who say “Someday I’m going to do a LOT to help others”), my family has taught me that the smallest gestures can mean the world to someone who just needs to know that somebody cares.

To that end, I enjoy making regular pilgrimages to the Dollar Store.

A roll of paper towels costs $1.00.   A bottle of bleach?  Also $1.00.

And if you ask the right people, these are two of the most-needed items.

Will your footsteps lead you through the aisles of a grocery store this week?

What happens when you type the word ‘dollar’ in your GPS?

I bet you’ve got a chance, for just a couple bucks, to help someone in need this week.

It could be the moment that brings the biggest smile to your face all week.

You may just become the heart and soul quicker-picker-upper that someone in your community needs!


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