Are YOU Crowd-Surfing Like Jack Black?

My weekend consisted of coughing, Delsym, coughing, Mucinex, coughing, napping, coughing, plenty of fluids, coughing, shaky chills and coughing. Luckily I was crashed-out at Tina’s with a great big channel selection. I got to enjoy a lineup of old movies which, even after dozens of viewings, still make me smile.

“Die Hard”, “Tin Cup”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “There’s Something About Mary” and one of my all-time favorites: “The School of Rock”.

In this 2003 film, Jack Black begins as a ‘rock star wannabe’ who is equally unappreciated by his audience (who fail to catch him when he stage-dives) and his own band (who kick him out for embarrassing them).

After Black’s character assumes the identity of his roommate Ned for a substitute teaching assignment, he discovers the students are adept at playing music. Guiding them selfishly from his own dreams and passion, he leads them toward the Holy Grail of a local Battle of the Bands competition (unknown to their parents or even the school’s principal).

After his ruse is discovered, he bails on his dream and abandons the goal of playing ‘one great show’, admitting to his students that he is ‘just not that good’.

Ultimately, the kids commandeer a bus and kidnap him, dragging his sorry carcass to the event.

His passion, his energy and his belief in them triggered THEIR desire to play ‘one great show’.

They do…and the crowd goes wild.

Their parents go nuts with pride. The school principal is amazed.

As their performance nears its end, Jack Black finally lives out his dream as he launches from the stage to be supported by the audience…and they catch him.

He floats momentarily on their arms, basking in the glory which he and his band have created, playing ‘one great show’ with a song they wrote…TOGETHER.

After they fail to win the ultimate prize of $20,000, the crowd voices its disapproval by cheering for an encore.

In the closing scene, the band re-emerges to play AC/DC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock and Roll)” as we discover that Black’s character, merely by following his passions, has spawned the creation of The School of Rock…a way for him to pay the rent doing something he loves.

Is there a better way to make a living, than by doing something which brings you (and others) joy?

What stage are you on these days? Can you share ‘one great show’ and change the world for at least one other person?

How can you inspire people around you to make their dreams a bigger part of their lives?

Have you ever had a crowd catch and support you?

I have…and it is amazing.  I’ve also hit the floor a few times.

You just need to have faith in yourself, your message, and your audience.

They will catch you…when you’re singing the right song with all your heart.

Can it be a long way to the top?  YES.

But it’s one heck of a journey, if you truly want to rock and roll.

Rock on, my friends!

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