For Those About to Respect Your Fans…I Salute You!

My name is Steve Gamlin.

I graduated high school in 1986.

…and I still love 80’s hard rock and hair bands.

There. I said it.

Parts of me are still very much stuck in the 80’s. One look under the seats in my car will let you know who I still listen to. Heck, as long as the roots continue to hang in there, even my hair still holds remnants of my teen years.

Although today’s musical landscape holds very few reminders of that fun, care-free time, there is a program I enjoy on the weekends which still holds that era in high regard. It’s called “That Metal Show”, hosted by longtime metal and hard-rock fan Eddie Trunk and his comedian buddies Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine.

A re-run of a November 2011 episode featured Brian Johnson of AC/DC. For those unfamiliar with the band, he replaced hugely-popular original singer Bon Scott in 1980 (after Bon’s untimely demise).

Over 30 years later, AC/DC can still command sold-out performances worldwide. They have stayed true to their original sound and mission. They have never followed flashy trends.

And Brian Johnson is one of the most ‘down to earth’ rock stars I’ve ever seen.

TMS host Eddie Trunk went so far as to point out that when he called Johnson’s cell phone, Johnson not only answered but said “Sure, mate!” when asked to be on the show (flying in on his own dime).

When a lucky fan “Stumped the Trunk” in trivia and asked if Johnson would mind adding his autograph to the item, he told her “Sure, it’s my job”.

When asked by an incredulous Trunk why he’d answered that way, Johnson said that without the fans, they’d be nowhere.

Finally, someone who actually gets it!

I worked in radio for a decade (’92 – ’02).

Along the way, I saw some of the best and worst attitudes the entertainment world has to offer.

I met people who went over and above all job descriptions to genuinely appreciate our fans, earning my undying respect.

And I also met people who took their own little local levels of fame, mixed with an ego the size of a Mack truck, and became gargantuan a**holes to those around them (including listeners).

Sorry, I can’t swim in that soup. ‘Stinky Septic Surprise’ isn’t a flavor I care to savor.

So, how many fans do you have?

Before you try to say “None, because I’m just a (insert profession here)”, stop for a moment.

There is someone in this world who thinks you’re pretty darn cool.

If you’ve got clients who’ve done business with you more than once, you’ve got fans.

If you’re reading this e-newsletter, I happen to think there is something very cool about you.

You invest your time, week after week, in reading my words and thoughts, and I appreciate that more than you may understand.

I am your fan.

   I salute you.

   And I appreciate you!

In the words of AC/DC, as we begin this new week:

“Pick up your balls, and load up your cannons, for a 21-gun salute!”

Please go make today a great one, my friends.




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