Too Much Junk in Your Funk?!?

Dear ‘Person in Charge of Daylight Savings Time’,

You are a goober-head.

It’s tough enough to work in a basement recording studio with one small window to look out at the world…especially when that window is already dirty (I blame the squirrels and frogs who stare in at me some days).

I am a fast-paced, highly-creative speaker and author, drowning in emotion and real ‘feelings’ on-stage and off…and YOU make it get darker even earlier during the cold and not-so-sunny season.

After four of five months of this, I tend to get a little down and off my game.

Yup, I know.

I’m a motivational speaker, and I am probably expected to be positive all the time.

It can happen to us all.

Sometimes, when it seems darkest, other things creep into your back yard and leave messy land mines, like a pack of dogs who licked the salsa bowl while their owners weren’t looking, only to discover that dogs reallllly shouldn’t eat salsa.

You wake up, walk out into a new day…and have to watch where you’re stepping as you attempt to keep stink off your shoes.

It can be easy to get swallowed up in the dark, if you keep letting these little things pile up to block out the light.

Basically, you’ve got to get your sunshine wherever you can find it…or you can make some yourself.

What helps me?

I seek out videos on YouTube which make me laugh (“Whose Line Is It Anyway, Richard Simmons Living Scenery” is a favorite).

I like to take a minute each evening jotting ‘good stuff’ from that day in my journal.

Quick breaks to go to the post office allow me to hold a door for people, making them smile (me too).

I guess that means I am also employed part-time junk removal specialist.

No extra salary, but the rewards are huge.

How do YOU do it?

How do you get through your funks?

I’m not even going to imagine you never fall into them.

It’s part of being human, vulnerable, emotional, and ‘real’.

I love being this way.

Even when the funk happens.

And I’d like to take this moment to thank ALL OF YOU who are part of my journey, who do your best to make me smile when I’m having a tough day.

I hope my words, materials and presentations help do the same for you.

I appreciate you helping me haul away my junk as I ditch the winter funk.

This week I’m turning my clock ahead to happier times!


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