From Radio Daze to Ice Cream Dreams!

Although I do not get to indulge often (horizontally-striped shirts cannot provide all the slimming I need these days), I stopped by my favorite ice cream place last week, owned by an old friend. After the first few sips of a DELICIOUS coconut shake, I spied a note I’d written to her a couple years ago. It reminded me of this blog, one of my favorites from the archives.

Two weeks ago, while attending a Chamber of Commerce event, we enjoyed a barbecue as we networked our way around the event. For dessert, we were told to visit the ‘Inside Scoop’ table for the good stuff.

As I approached, the young lady behind the table exclaimed: “Oh my gosh…Steve!!!

“Hillary!” (I was amazed that I actually remembered, as my brain is usually as dependable as an Etch-A-Sketch on a bumpy road).

She smiled as I held out my hand to shake hers. Hillary had been a 15-year-old intern at a radio station I worked at a decade ago. She was a dedicated, mature, talented young lady who worked so hard (for free) that she earned her own paid radio shift!

After I retired from radio in 2001, I hadn’t seen her in many years…and here she was scooping ice cream with a smile.

“You work here now?” I asked.

“I own the place”, she replied.

Sweet, I thought.

A week later, there I was at her Bedford NH establishment for a business meeting.

For years, she told me, she’d wanted to open her own ice cream shop (they’ve got GREAT sandwiches, soups and light fare too).

Now, in her mid-20’s, she’s working hard, has a clear vision and has surrounded herself with people who believe in her dream.

I am even more proud of her now than I was back in our radio days.

Congratulations Hillary, you’ve earned a double-scoop of my respect and admiration!

Here’s where YOU can enjoy delicious flavors and a smile!

The Inside Scoop  260 Wallace Rd.  Bedford NH   (603) 471-7009


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