Re-Savor a Flavor, Taste the Best Life Has to Offer!

Is there a certain dish you enjoyed years ago which you haven’t enjoyed in a while? One which, at just the thought of it, makes your mouth water like Pavlov’s dogs in a bell factory?

Perhaps there’s a restaurant you once enjoyed but haven’t been there in ages or, in my case, it’s gone?

A few years back, Tina and I had a place. It was the ‘Cheers’ of Derry NH: everybody knew your name. It was called The Pinkerton Tavern.  A husband and wife team, Guy and Jen, ran the show. The place was super-cozy, their staff treated everyone like family, and the food was off-the-charts excellent.

My entire family became raving fans, especially my Mom (she loved their homemade Mac & Cheese).

Lost to bulldozers in a road-widening project, The Pinkerton Tavern died a horrible death at the hands of the town fathers. After a fond farewell, Jen and Guy drifted off to plot their next move.

Last Wednesday, I discovered the plot had thickened. (Hey Ma, you still reading??)

A Facebook post in my newsfeed bore a name I hadn’t seen in a while: JEN!

She was the bearer of earth-rocking news. She and Guy recently opened a new restaurant…just 5 miles from my house.

If you are familiar with Goffstown NH, you must be aware of the town’s most prominent landmark (especially when giving directions): the popcorn stand.

Jen and Guy’s brand new restaurant is right behind it, called the High Street Farmhouse!

As a surprise for Tina (her birthday was last Thursday, and I won’t tell you how many candles), I surprised her with a trip there. Our server Mandie (nicknamed ‘Monday’) was an instantly bright, smiling presence. Off to the side, I asked her if Jen was in, and if she could stop by our table.

As Jen approached…BIG SMILES and hugs all around. Tina was sooooo surprised! 

As we’d been looking at the menu after arriving, I kept waiting for Tina to say: “Oh, they have espinaca dip…but it could never be as good as the Pinkerton Tavern”.

They do…and it still rocks!

As much as it was a mouth-watering taste down memory lane, it was just as deliciously pleasing to re-connect with such wonderful people as Jen, Guy and their new Farmhouse family.

Is there an experience you’d like to refresh in your mind’s taste buds this week?

Got a meal you’d love to enjoy again?  Perhaps an old haunt that you’d love to re-haunt?

Are there some special people with whom you’d love to re-connect?

What delicious flavors from your past can be RE-savored?

Memory lane never tasted so good!


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