Never Pass Gas While You’re Skyping!

Hey, guess what?

You’re being watched.

You held a door open for someone today. Saw it. Cool!

Cut another car off in traffic? Saw that too. Good thing that cop didn’t.

Sometimes we can be so caught up in what we’re doing and saying out there in our daily lives that we forget we’re much more public than we may realize.

The world is moving faster than ever. Technology has allowed us to communicate so quickly that we can literally enjoy instant communication halfway around the world.

That funny picture you just posted on Facebook? Coffee just flew out someone’s nose in Sri Lanka.

These innovations have caused many people to feel as though they are sitting in a cozy bubble of anonymity and solitude.


That comment you posted on a news channel’s message board? You know, the one your brain wondered if it should send, before your finger charged ahead and hit Enter?

Thousands of eyes just saw it. Hope it doesn’t affect your reputation.

Ironically, the technology which allows us to communicate worldwide from the comfort of our beds has opened our blinds to the rest of the world.

Wherever you are, a few little words typed about it will inform everyone how you think and feel.

Figuratively speaking, if you pass gas on Skype…it could go viral!

Just imagine how fast that would spread, as people quickly “Tweeted that you tooted”!

Unless you have Justin Bieber’s public relations team (who went into hyper-drive after ‘The Bieb’ made a comment at the Anne Frank house over the weekend), you may have trouble explaining or recovering from your words and actions.

It could cost you a friendship or two. It could cost your business…dearly.

After Tweeting ‘racist and sexual’ comments, a high-school athlete lost his full-boat athletic scholarship to a prestigious college.  I bet Mom and Dad were super proud!

How many political careers have been ruined by careless words and/or actions? Imagine how much faster the train would have driven off the rails with today’s technology?

If you’re reading this week’s message, I like and respect you…and I don’t want to see you or your reputation hurt. I hope this message serves as a cautionary reminder that the world is watching us more closely than ever.

Now, do I mean that we all need to suddenly sanitize our every thought? Not at all. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. But personal responsibility is the governor of that freedom.

We just need to think a little more sometimes.

So, before you stroll out to your front yard to greet the Google Earth satellite, think of what message you’d like to send.

Instead of dropping your drawers for a moon-shot, perhaps a flash of the peace sign could be your message to humanity instead.

Remember, the world is watching.

Please use this week to give it the show of a lifetime, featuring the best of YOU, center-stage.

Lights, camera, action…you’re on!


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