If Others are Poopin’, You’d Better Be Scoopin’!

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, another holiday wafted its way onto the calendar.

From April 24th to the 30th, we celebrate ‘National Scoop the Poop Week’! Having recently gone through my Dad’s yard with a shovel and a bucket, I can tell you that a slightly overweight Springer Spaniel does a lot of ‘back yard business’ over the course of a winter. “Yes sir, yes sir, a half-bucket full”, to paraphrase a children’s song lyric.

In preparation for last week’s photo shoot (which took place in that very same back yard) I spent over 35 minutes carefully playing a modified game of Battleship, gridding out the back yard.

“G-11….hit!” Phew…

Upon arrival, I reassured my photographer that it was safe to breathe life into her creative muse…her favorite pair of blue jeans would be safe no matter where she sat.

Over an hour into the shoot, as she was lying on her back shooting upward (while I towered above her on the woodshed roof), she exclaimed “I hope you got them all!”

The next day, we shared an instant message via Facebook. She quickly shared that she absolutely LOVED our photo shoot…although her jeans had sustained a slight hit. Apparently the lawn had given her a little gift that kept on giving, all the way home.

Pine Tree Air Freshener…stat!!

Although she was smiling and laughing over the success of our time together (can’t wait to see her artistic vision come to life!), I couldn’t help but feel bad that I hadn’t cleared out all the crap in my life before inviting this new person into it.

It happens. Or, to share a common phrase: “S**t happens”.

We’ve all got a back yard and, on occasion, other people and things wander in a dump all over it.

When we fail to clean it up, we run the risk of new people coming in and walking away with stink on their shoes.

And that stink reminds them of US.

We have to maintain our own yards. For the most part, I believe other people help make our property more beautiful for being there. But we all know people who do nothing but bring in the bad stuff.

And it is our responsibility to no longer let them in.

Got someone who does nothing but walk into your yard to ‘fertilize’, leaving you with the unpleasant odor and mess?

Guess what? People like this are the reason the ‘No Trespassing’ sign was invented.

Starting today, your environment can smell better, if you want it to.

Your property, your rules!

That’s not a mean thing. It’s a way to HONOR YOURSELF, and that is one of the most important phrases in the English language, for me.

How does YOUR back yard smell these days?

Is it time to get out a shovel and a pail for a little clean-up session?

Be sure to do a good job, because the beautiful people will appreciate not having to go home and ‘Shout It Out’ of their jeans.

Today you can begin the clean-up project of a lifetime.

Got poop? Get scoopin’!


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