Kicking PowerBUTT with Acts of Kindness!

Saturday evening’s Powerball lottery reached the $600 million mark, a real life-changer for anyone who would become the sole (or even fractional) winner!

To celebrate, I enjoyed an afternoon of driving through three area towns, giving away tickets to interesting people and causes. Click HERE to read about the cool people whom I met!

Whenever lottery fever of this magnitude hits, I enjoy watching the people interviewed in line to buy tickets. “So, what will you do with the money if you’re the big winner?”

“I’m going to take care of my family and friends, then give away a whole bunch to help others!”

That answer, in various forms, is heard very often.

It’s not that I doubt the sincerity of these people, or think in any way that they do not have generous hearts beating in their chests.

It’s just that I want them to understand that they do not need to have $600 million in their bank accounts to be ‘giving’.

Post-drawing, after the discovery that there was just ONE winner: my Facebook question:

So…for the 99.99999999999999% of Americans who did not win Powerball, who made promises to help soooo many people in their lives, in this country and around the world…NOW what are you going to do? We put the intention in motion, so we are bound to make it happen. We just need to ask ourselves if we were seriously speaking from our hearts, or bribing the universe. If it was from your heart, what will you do today, and this week, and the one after that…to make peoples’ lives better? 

You see, we don’t need to have all that money to make good things happen. Heck, there are people who have almost nothing (on the material meter), yet are among the most loving and generous souls on the planet.

It begins with the choice to be a GIVER. And that choice can happen RIGHT NOW.

How can you give today?

Hold a door open for someone. Greet a stranger with a great big “Good Morning’ and a smile. Stop at a charity car wash and put a couple dollars in the bucket. Pick up an extra can (yes, even just ONE CAN) of from the vegetable aisle and drop it off at a local pantry or shelter. It’s simple, really.

We don’t need to win Powerball to be givers.

My life has been touched by so many acts of kindness that I cannot possibly remember them all. I just know that, when they happened, they changed me, forever.

How many people can you help today?

You’ll be amazed at how addictive it is, and how rewarding it can be.

Taste it.

It’s a flavor you’ll savor forever.

Bet you won’t do ‘just one’!


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