Beethoven Rocked His Fifth, Are You Rocking Your THIRD?

According to studies, we operate at our best if we get eight hours of sleep per night. The typical workday has long been described as eight hours. That leaves eight more hours to take care of ‘life’.

How are you spending it?

According to the A.C. Nielsen Co.: the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (or 28 hours/week, or 2 months of nonstop TV-watching per year). In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.

Add to that our regular activities such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, yardwork, children’s activities and laundry…and you’ve got precious little time to waste.

We get a third of a day, bottom line, to not be working or sleeping.

I’ll be honest. I spend wayyyyy too much time on Facebook (all my Facebook friends are nodding right now).

Here is something I need to add, in bold print and CAPITAL LETTERS, to my daily To-Do list (feel free to add it to yours): HONOR YOURSELF.

Re-runs of “Two and a Half Men” apparently aren’t doing that for me.

You may be thinking “But Steve, I have to keep working hard to pay my bills, have to do laundry, get the kids to soccer practice…….!!!”

Yes, we are busy. You are. I am too.

During this past weekend’s Impact Transformations event, attendees and facilitators shared a journey of self-discovery, motivation, barrier-breaking and open, honest sharing.

People took nearly 3 days from their lives to come together and learn: about themselves, each other, and those who surround them in their daily lives.

We shut off our phones. We shut off our computers. We didn’t watch TV.

What I heard from them were stories of goals desired, coupled with habits that might achieve them, but at a cost of not being the ‘person’ we wish to be to do it.

The morning of the third day, while driving to set up, this quote came into my mind.

I am a person who has colossal goals, yet I find myself in frustration at not getting nearer to them. I get angry with myself (often using punishing words about past decisions which created a difficult financial situation).

Even if I do achieve the goals, I am not honoring myself or becoming the person I wish to become to make these outrageous goals happen.

Sad part: even my goals which are not ‘outrageous’ are suffering because I am beating the hell out of myself with my words and thoughts.

Much of my life is devoted to being a positive person, yet I still hold some (far less than I used to, but a few are still there) very limiting beliefs about money.

My fellow leaders at this weekend’s event called me on this, and I love and appreciate them for it.

As we watched a room full of people work through that which they wished to challenge, WE grew as well. I know I did. I was amazed at how I felt throughout the weekend. I woke up a different person each day, so fired up to be around all these people who taught ME so much about myself, by sharing THEMselves.

I have NOT been rocking my third.

A big change for me, which does not even take much time, is to remember to honor myself with my words and actions.

If you know me, you know that I use humor…a lot. I use it for ‘good’ very often. Sometimes I slip into very self-deprecating humor, taking shots at myself. Does it get laughs from an audience? Most times, yes.

But, a shot is still a shot, no matter who is firing the gun…and wounds bleed, and it hurts (even when you don’t feel it consciously). A shot to the arm will heal more quickly than a shot to your ego).

How can YOU honor yourself this week?

Can you look in a mirror each day, just once, and smile while saying “I love you”?

Could you take just ONE minute each night when you go to bed, to write just ONE good moment from a day into a journal or notebook?

Could you share just ONE smile with a person each day, even a total stranger?

You’ll be amazed at what can happen to your heart, your mind, your energy, your family, your life…and your THIRD.

Part of my contribution to the world is this e-newsletter. It takes several hours to compile, write and post each Monday and Thursday. There are other things which could fill the time, but this one is most important to me.

If I can make you think, feel or act in a way that helps you to honor yourself (with just one piece of Motivational Firewood), then I have honored MYself.

Thank you all, my dear family of friends, for helping me to rock MY third today.

And I hope the time it takes to read this message has helped you rock yours.

May the music of yours be ringing loudly and joyously in your heart and mind this day, and every day.

Even a MOMENT spent celebrating the ‘Best of You’ is a great start.

Will you?


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