Music Makes Magic Moments…Say It Three Times!

Music Makes Magic Moments…Say It Three Times!

Have you ever had something happen to make a moment go from ordinary to extraordinary…perhaps even raise goosebumps on your arms? I enjoy these moments often, and I give credit to the fact that I allow myself to be aware of every opportunity the world presents to me, every day. Can it become a confusing cacophony of sights, sounds and emotions? Sure can. Would I trade this ‘awareness’? Never!

Music is something which is omnipresent in my life. While I do enjoy some time in silence (allowing me the joy of hearing nature’s songlist), I find music sets the mode for most of my daily actions. I’ve got certain favorites which rock me out of bed in the morning, make me think of my sweet beautiful Tina when I am missing her, and help me reflect fondly at the end of each day.

My favorite moments are the ones during which the perfect song appears to my ears as a sparkling red cherry slam-dunked on top of life’s great sundae.

Three recent occurrences:

My good friend and speaking partner Derek Reid (recently arrived from Scotland) introduced me to a song by Scottish-bed band Marmalade. Their big hit (from 1969) “Reflections of My Life” was a song I’d never heard before. We played it several times at a recent Impact Transformations 3-day event. Last Friday afternoon, after Derek spent an extended period of time dealing with an airline snafu (while traveling to Washington DC), he called me to say the song had just begun playing on terminal audio system. I could hear the joy in his voice. He said he hadn’t heard it in years, and it suddenly appeared on consecutive weekends. Awareness!

One of my personal favorite songs is “Take It to The Limit” by The Eagles. The lyrics speak to me, and the harmonies are amazing. “So put me, on a highway, show me the signs, take it, to the limit, one more time.” Essentially, I take it to mean that wherever I am, I can find an opportunity to stretch myself in giving, loving, caring and thinking. It was ringing in my ears when I shut off the car the other day to enter a Rite-Aid store. As I hit the first aisle of my shopping trip, the song started playing on the in-store system. I guarantee the security cameras caught my great big smile as I sang the song to myself. Being reminded of this message is what inspired me to share kind words and make several other people smile before I left the store.

After telling my step-mom Aline about these two incidences, her excited eyes told me she had something to share as well. A co-worker of hers recently lost her mom. As many of us do, this woman’s mom had a favorite song, which was a Hawaiian version of a pop hit. Needing to confirm a few final details, the daughter called the cemetery where her mom had been buried. After fielding her question, the cemetery worker placed her on hold. Can you guess the song which was playing? The Hawaiian song! She told Aline that she felt her mom was reaching out with a musical hug for her ears and her heart.

Coincidences? Maybe. But when you can find the magic in the moment, and make a connection with a person, emotion, life event or anything else which has impact for you…why trivialize it by calling it a coincidence? It can have as much meaning as you give it!

Do YOU have songs which cause you to pause and feel emotion? What happens to you when those perfectly-timed musical moments occur?

For me, it’s all about awareness. How much better can a moment get? Give it a soundtrack that will replay in your heart and mind every time you hear it.

Music is a gift from the very soul of its creators, a sonic bit of ‘something’ which can pack a punch with any emotion we decide to associate with it.

What songs are powering up your life this week?

Got a favorite you haven’t heard in a while? One which reminds you of something pretty cool?

Fire it up and get moving. It’s up to you to put the magic in the music!


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