Independence…With a Little Help from Your Friends!

Just 237 years ago, the Declaration of Independence was signed to, well…declare our independence. Far from garnering a flashy title, I guess the whole mission is pretty much included right there in the name.

Basically, our forefathers got pretty sick and tired of our British landlords knocking on the door with rent due, taxes due, etc.

Had it all not gone according to plan, The Beatles may have gotten their start in Little Rock instead of Liverpool.

I can hear it now: “She loves y’all, yeah yeah yeah!”

According to Wikipedia, we did not exactly achieve independence on our own. Few people do, really. Without the help of France, Spain and the Netherlands, we might still be enjoying tea and crumpets on the veranda weekday afternoons, and our cable sports package could be clogged with cricket matches.

Essentially, the colonists saw something they didn’t like and decided they could do it better for, and by, themselves. They kicked and screamed, railing against the system of the day, and made their own way.

It wasn’t easy. Worthy victories rarely are.

There were voices of derision from within their own neighborhoods and cities. For some, it seemed easier to go with the flow and ride out the storms of British oppression, until enough people drew the line in the sand, demanding enough of themselves to make a change.

Their decision made, they went into action to breathe life into it, rallying all those who believed. In time, they had to reach out to their allies for support. After years of battle, with heavy costs on all sides, victory was achieved.

Are you seeking independence in your life?

  • from the extra 20 pounds which are keeping you from the body you desire?
  • from those negative thoughts which  taunt you?
  • from the people you allow to hold you back, or hold you down?

Please remember, only YOU can declare the independence. Slap your John Hancock onto your own little promissory note of freedom. Write down all the terms and standards by which you wish to live. Remind yourself of how awesome you are going to feel when you’ve thrown off the shackles of all that is holding you back.

Then find your allies.

They are out there, ready to help.

If this weekly e-newsletter helps inspire you in any way, then I hope you consider me among them. I believe in you, and if my actions as a speaker and writer serve to bolster your self-confidence and belief that ‘you can do it’, then let’s march into battle together.

Want to lose weight? You need an ally who will help keep you on a path of healthy eating, going to the gym, doing that ‘one more’ rep on each machine, etc.

Need to be better with your money? Choose a financial advisor with whom you feel a connection. Ask for tips to get started and keep moving in a healthy way, for today and the long haul.

Your independence is crucial, and it’s out there waiting for you to make it happen.

Think of the happiest, healthiest version of yourself that you can imagine.

Can you see it? Can you FEEL it?

The greatest gift you can give yourself, starting today, is to declare your independence from whatever (or whomever) is holding you back.

Sometimes we are not able to make the necessary physical separation with the snap of your fingers, I understand.

Emotionally, intellectually…that’s a start.

Dare to declare it, then map out your plan and make it happen.

You know who the enemy is. Pick your allies and kick that enemy in the butt, even if it is yourself.

You deserve to be independent of all that holds you back, and you can be…with a little help from your friends!


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