Randy Meisner’s 8-Second Heavenly High-Note!

Similar to the “If you were stranded on a desert island, what one item would you bring?”, someone recently asked me: “If you could get up on stage at a huge concert, what ONE song would you sing?”

While Stairway to Heaven, American Pie or Hey Jude would each grant me about 8 minutes of stage-time, I’ve got a 5-minute song that rocks my world even more every time I sing it in the car (with the windows up, of course).

If you haven’t seen ‘History of the Eagles’ or know much of the band’s history, the song Take It to the Limit was sung (and co-written) by original bassist Randy Meisner. On-stage each night, this song was his masterpiece in the spotlight.

As part of The Eagles harmony rainbow, Randy hit the highest notes.

And in this LIVE VERSION from 1977  Randy is at the top of his game.

Although The Eagles were known as much for their off-stage dis-harmony, this performance of the song means the world to me. They all look happy performing together!

According to the documentary, Meisner’s confidence in his ability to hit the highest notes was waning by 1977. He actually argued with band members in an effort to drop the song from the set list.

Soon after, he left the group.

The saddest part for me is knowing that this talented performer began to doubt his own talent and took himself out of the game, afraid to share his amazing light with an audience who loved him.

How many times do we not live up to our potential?

How often do we do less than we could to let our light shine brightly?

How badly do we fail to ‘rock out’, staying in the shadows or failing to even take the big stage?

I’ve done it.

I am guessing you may have too.

Know what?

It sucks.

My favorite part of this video begins at 4:25, when Randy hits a signature high note to initiate the climax of the song. This beautiful 8-seconds reveals a man singing his heart out. But that is not what makes me smile most.

It’s the resulting ROAR of the audience, sharing their appreciation, letting him know he’s joyous made them feel.

That’s the magic.

As a professional speaker, I spend much of my time on-stage sharing similar messages from event to event, much like a rock band on tour. I absolutely love sharing them. Doing this makes me very happy.

What I love even more, though, is hearing (even months or years later) how ‘singing my song’ had an effect on the life of someone who heard me that day.

I have heard joyous tales of people who’ve discovered their dream jobs, found their perfect partners, defined their heartfelt goals, re-energized their relationships with family and friends, or found ways to be happy in their own skin.

How is your voice holding up these days?

Do believe in the song you are singing, and are you ‘letting it fly’ on-stage, show after show?

Do you have faith in the message you are delivering, and do you feel confident in the spotlight?

If not, is there a different song you’d rather be singing?

If you’re not sure, perhaps you could lend an ear to your fans.

Their reaction to you could be a clue. Are they cheering…but you’re just not hearing it?

Your message could be right on, note for note…but maybe you’ve just lost a little faith in your voice.

This week I ask you to bravely sing your song, just one more time, with everything you’ve got.

Perhaps you aren’t flying as high as you could be.

Spread your wings and belt out your song with all you’ve got.

You deserve to soar like an eagle.

Take it to your limit, one more time.



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