Froggy Doesn’t Want a Haircut!

Hoping he’d be off running errands (so that I could surprise him by doing it), I drove to my Dad’s house early on Saturday to mow the lawn. When I arrived, I saw him riding the mower…laughing.  As he shut it down, he told me of the frog that jumped away from the mower’s path just in time to avoid being mulched.

Last week’s scorching heat, mixed with some torrential rains, had left the lawn looking like a hayfield-in-progress. As Dad (and the whirring blades) made their way through, he couldn’t see the obstacles he’d normally be aware of (frogs, snakes, dog poop).

On this day, the frog was on his own against a  600-pound bright-green tractor rolling across the lawn on four big black rubber donuts.

My dad’s only clue was a greenish-brown blur taking an Evel Knievel-worthy jump to safety at the last second.

Salvation! Redemption! Living to leap another day!

It was Frog vs. Deere…and frog won.

How are your legs these days? Are you hopping away from predators big and small, or are you hunkered down in the tall grass, hoping there’s nobody gunning for you?

There’s nothing wrong with sitting tight to catch your breath or enjoying the sunshine for a brief respite.

But, when there’s danger…are your legs strong enough to spring you to safety?

Financially, physically, emotionally…are you jumping as high as you can?

   Are creditors, or agencies, banging on your door?

   Is your competition out-jumping you for clients?

   Do you wish you were brave enough to take a big step in your life?

Maybe this is the week you make the leap toward safety in some part of your life, honoring yourself and your journey.

Will you, or your business, live to leap another day?



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