And That Phone is Going, Going…GONE!

Have you ever had people getting in the way of you doing your job?

Someone whose judgment and actions made it tough for you to succeed?

It has happened to me, and it’s frustrating.

My career path over the last 20 years has included radio, stand-up comedy, event emcee, author and professional speaker…and I have loved each one!

Passion for your game is a great thing. Without it, I don’t think you can ever really win.

Is there such a thing as TOO much passion, though?


Saturday night I saw emotion overflow and create a very dangerous situation.

Boston’s designated hitter David Ortiz was at the plate in the top of the seventh inning against Baltimore.

I’m not going to be a justification bandwagon fan: but the umpire was hosing him on the calling of balls and strikes.

He was getting in the way of a potentially successful plate appearance.

Ortiz even got in his own way, by swinging at a pitch in the dirt to complete his strikeout.

Frustration overload.

Passion overflowed.

Ortiz’s bat, which couldn’t find any action at the plate, let its hickory do the talking as it smashed a dugout telephone.

Do I respect his passion for the game?


Am I disappointed by his lack of maturity and respect for the game in that moment?


During his tirade, Ortiz nearly creamed his teammates with wild swings and debris.

   How are you taking your strikeouts these days?

   Have you failed at the plate recently? Struck out?

   How did you react?

   Have you kept your dignity, maintaining professional integrity?


I love the game I play as a professional speaker.

Have I ever struck out?  Heck yes.

Have I ever failed ‘on stage’ or been made to look bad by someone else (who should know better)?  Yup.

Have I smashed a microphone stand into a lectern?


I love what I do. I am passionate about what I do.

I also understand that I should act professionally at all times.

You should too.

Do you?

Please remember, we are supposed to enjoy the game we choose.

Play ball!!


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