Mr. Rock, Meet Miss Lawnmower (for your $20 lunch date!)

As I fired up the mower last Sunday morning, I noticed the neighbors were enjoying a quiet (until I pulled the cord) mid-morning breakfast on their deck. Out of respect for their peaceful moment (would you like grass clippings and exhaust fumes with your poached egg?), I shut down the Husqvarna and pushed it to the front yard, saving the back for later.

Eight feet of trimmed lawn later, I approached the high grass at the edge of the street. Then, with a clang and thud that could have collapsed a soufflé three houses away, Miss Lawnmower Blade was rudely introduced to Mr. Rock. It was an unbalanced relationship from the start (as the mower spewed gas vapors out the air filter and danced the crooked dance of shaky-blade syndrome).

As I lifted the mower to find the culprit, I discovered Mr. Rock. Then I tilted the mower to inspect the damage. Poor Miss Lawnmower Blade had a big old chunk missing from her smile. Just one kiss and their relationship was over.

Rust in peace, Miss Lawnmower Blade.

So what happened? I knew I’d seen Mr. Rock before. During recent torrential downpours, he’d found his way out to the street in front of our driveway. Apparently a car’s tires (or a human’s foot) had kicked it to the side of the road and into our tall grass. It happens, and it’s not their fault.

It’s my yard, and I need to inspect it now and then for debris and things which could go CLANG.

A quick trip to the hardware store (my second that day, as I’d just come from buying a new gas can) introduced me to Miss lawnmower Blade’s shiny new sister, whom Mr. Rock is not allowed to date.

Luckily, the blade was the only part of the mower which got sacrificed. It could have been much worse. I paid a small price for charging into the tall grass without checking for potential problems.

How often have YOU gone headfirst into unchecked territory in your life? In your home? In your business?

Have you ever charged full-tilt in a pattern you’ve done over and over, unaware of potential problems which could bend your blades and ultimately cause you to shut down for a bit, wondering what hit you?

Have you ever been Mr. Rock, derailing someone else’s progress by defiling Miss Lawnmower Blade?

If you’re approaching some tall grass, it might be best to stomp your feet through first, doing a little exploring to avoid costly and painful meet-ups.

If you’re already in the tall grass, just waiting for someone to come along so you can do some damage…why?

For me, life is all about creating my own beautiful lawn which will feet great under my feet, as well as the feet of others who visit.

I have no need to toss rocks into to other peoples’ yards, hoping for disaster.

Life is too short to throw stones.

May you all enjoy an amazing week, feeling the cool green grass beneath your feet…and may Mr. Rock stay far, far away from Miss Lawnmower Blade!


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