How Happy are the Bricks in Your Wall?

What determines your level of happiness?

Some might say the weather.

Some will say it depends on who it is spent with.

Some say it is determined by the much money in your pocket.

I say it is none of these, and here is why:

I have smiled on rainy days and cried with the sun shining.

I have been happy when I am alone, as well as with friends and family.

I’ve had some pretty rewarding days when I was broke, and some miserable days when I had money.

If Pink Floyd was correct in saying “All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall”, then the bricks propping up your soul better be pretty strong ones. 

What is inside me, at my core, seems to be the determinant of whether I am happy or sad. While it may seem like outside elements steer it, I believe it is my inside reaction which ultimately flips the switch.

I am a BIG fan of the ABC TV show ‘Secret Millionaire’ on Sunday nights. For those unaware, here is the basic premise: hugely successful businessperson renounces his/her wealthy identity for a week, living in a relatively impoverished area (with only the financial-aid resources of someone from that area) and operates (with cameraman in tow) as a person who is filming a documentary on ‘giving’.

As the main character makes his/her way through the week, discovering often unsung heroes of that community, a common thread often emerges: emotional breakdowns upon discovery of so much happiness, love, caring and joy in a place where it could easily be invisible. Some have even broken down in tears over these missing elements from their own lives.

Each week, I applaud the learning of this lesson, and hope that the ‘star’ of the show will bring it back to his/her mansion, family and career.

How often do we see excesses of money cause more harm than good? Ever seen a special on how many lottery winners are broke and miserable after a few years?

To mean, that just means they are a few bricks short of a solid foundation. I’m a believer that money doesn’t change people as much as amplify them.

So, how are YOUR bricks stacked right now?

If things aren’t as happy or positive as they could be, please remember they are YOUR bricks, and you can re-stack them any way you like.

I hope you see that the keys to it all lie within you.

I hope this message finds you smile, no matter how many clouds may be dimming the sky outside.

Let’s close this message with another Pink Floyd reference: Shine on, my crazy diamond friends!


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