Keeping Kids Creative (Abigail ROCKS the Reptiles!)

Last week I saw a CNN story which rocked my world…and not in a good way. The home of former NFL player Brian Holloway was trashed by about 300 teenagers who decided to have a party…and Tweet about it. Please know this up front: I am NOT one of those people who stomps his feet complaining about this generation being a bunch of “useless, self-absorbed, out-of-control walking disasters who have complete disregard for the law and their communities”.

EVERY generation has had people like that, and this one is no exception. I honestly believe that there are more good kids than bad. It’s just that the bad ones seem to make more noise.

The worst part, for me, about this incident is that the teens plastered pictures of themselves (you know, EVIDENCE) all over social media (their faces included, which reinforces the intelligent choices you make when you’re drinking and doing drugs). The teens actually TOLD the world what they were doing…and then some of their parents threatened to sue Holloway when he RE-posted to photos in his attempt to identify the house-trashers.

Dear parents: YOU are part of the problem!

Two words you need to teach your kids: personal responsibility.

My parents taught ME, and that is part of the reason I was not out there doing stupid, disgraceful things like this when I was a kid. Did peer pressure exist when I was a teen?  Yes, so please don’t give me that crappy excuse.  I was taught respect, and boundaries. I was also brought up in a time when parents were allowed to DISCIPLINE (note: this does not mean ‘physically abuse’) their kids.

I knew right from wrong because I was told there would be consequences.

Besides, I had plenty of other options for positive things to do which did not harm others or their property.

This week is an important one on the thematic calendar: “National Keep Kids Creative Week”!

A couple of times a year, I get to speak and share my motivational messages with teens. The ones who impress me most KNOW what they enjoy learning about and doing, especially when involved in the arts, science, math, sports, community involvement, etc.

They have a PURPOSE which has been supported and fostered by their parents.

I recently had the great fortune to cross paths with Abigail Kessler (of though the Think to Succeed Mastermind Group. She is an EXPERT in the reptile field…and she is SIXTEEN years old!

I can only imagine that Abigail has had people in her life (parents, teachers, mentors and friends) who saw her interest and helped support her quest for knowledge. She has also spent a TON of time deepening her knowledge and even makes her own videos, like this one about Brazilian Rainbow Boas

Abigail, you ROCK!

Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge in such a way that you can inspire others to do the same, through your Raising Reptiles website!

Keep on making YOUR beautiful noise in the world!

And now, my reader friends, comes my question to start off the week: Are there some young people in YOUR life who could use a bit of support, direction-finding, mentoring…or just a nudge to believe in themselves?

Do you remember people who helped, even in a small way, to steer your life in a better, more exciting direction? The best way to pay it back is to pay it FORWARD.

It could be sharing a book, having a lunch together, attending an informational event, arranging a meeting with an expert, or just taking the time to ask “”What can I do to help?”

How can you breathe life into this week’s theme of “Keeping Kids Creative” and engage a young person’s future of creating beautiful noise?


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