Hold Off on the U-Haul, I Live in the 9th Happiest State!

According to the annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being index, my home state of New Hampshire is considered the 9th happiest state in the country.

Top 10, baby…I can dig it!!

For the 3rd consecutive year, Hawaii was at the top of the list. Big surprise, huh? Any state which puts flowers around your neck when you arrive (and doesn’t have winter) would get MY vote too!

According to: http://www.businessinsider.com/happy-states-hawaii-2012-6?op=1

The Index is an average of six categories: life evaluation, emotional health, work environment, healthy behaviors, and physical health.

If you examine my life as a whole, I’d say it’s had more good times than bad, emotionally I’ve found a good groove, I work from home, I don’t count the drive-thru as a major food group anymore, and (not that I’m in any rush to create a dating ad), I am height-weight proportionate…somewhat.

While the US is comprised of 50 states, I feel the most important determinator is my ‘inside’ state.

If you read the newspaper, watch the TV news and listen to talk radio, you could say that every day sucks.

Government shutdowns, violence, terrorism, poverty…if you want to live a pissed-off life with plenty of reasons at which you could point a finger, the targets are there.

However, I have learned from many mentors who’ve given me a happier, healthier way to live.

Are there bad things and people in the world? Yup. I’m not riding my unicorn across a rainbow sky. I am not the type of speaker who trumpets “Every day above ground is a great day!”

I think that’s a bunch of crap.

What I ‘do’ believe is that we have the opportunity to choose, every day, how we want to react to all the news which crosses our path.

My home state of New Hampshire has winters…cold, dark days which cause great pain to our homeless and our vehicles (every year we have to re-learn driving on ice). Snow can also be fun for sledding, white Christmases and building snowmen.

Every state has its bright spots and challenges. Heck, it gets dark in Hawaii too. And they have volcanoes. And their big waves scare the heck out of a novice surfer like me.

I like New Hampshire’s little waves, as cold as the water may be.Steve Surfing 1 REV

I like the mountains, lakes, rivers and foliage.

I love the people.

My inner state rates New Hampshire number 1.

And I plan to remain in this state for a long, long time.

How is YOUR state ranking today?


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