Lightning Strikes OUT…Twice!!

If there is a Boston sports fan still unaware of Sunday’s ‘Victory Snatched From the Jaws of Defeat’ escapades delivered by the Patriot AND Red Sox…what planet have you been on?!?

With just about a minute left on the clock, 70 yards from paydirt, Tom Brady and his offense took over and delivered one of the most amazing performances I have ever witnessed. An improbable catch (made by a receiver known for dropping the ball) sealed the victory with 5 seconds remaining on the clock.

As for the Sox, trailing 5-1 in the 8th inning (and collecting only 3 hits in their last 51 at-bats over 2 nights), many people had written them off as swept. Their comeback was the stuff of legend.

As I listened to sports talk radio on Monday, I smiled ear-to-ear at the re-telling, analysis, odds and replays of the in-game announcers practically wetting themselves.

Joyous moments…except for ONE caller who stood out.

He and his two kids were at the Patriots game. They were among the remaining fans in the half-filled stadium with 2 minutes left in the game…and they chose to join the departed.

They missed the ultimate comeback!

I could hear in his voice the shadow of disappointment cast over his soul for not being there.

“It gets worse”, he said.

“How so?” replied the radio host.

“I was watching the Sox game and fell asleep in the 8th inning, when they were losing 5-1.”

Groans from the radio.

This guy was finding it so difficult to celebrate the twin victories because he lost faith and tuned out, just as the players on each field dug deep into their hearts and souls, worked together, and overcame odds that even Las Vegas might have been afraid to touch.

While everyone else was losing their mind celebrating the exploits of Tom Brady, Kenbrell Thompkins, David Ortiz, Salty and Jonny Gomes…this man missed it all.

He intentionally walked away, and then let himself doze off…and missed impossible dreams becoming reality.

The light at the end of his tunnel was painted on a brick wall, and he ran into it twice.

His voice was heavy. I could hear the regret. No matter what the scoreboards said, victory was ringing hollow for him.

Where were YOU in all this?

If you are a fan, and were available between 4pm and midnight, you probably caught at least part of either game.

Did you stay with it? Did you tune in and out? Did you walk away, saying “Oh well, they’re screwed.”

Did you MISS the comebacks of the year (so far) because you decided it wasn’t worth watching?

Are you missing the comebacks around you in real life?

Somewhere in your world is someone who is struggling against the odds, trying to win their own games: in life, in love, in business.

Have you written them off?

Have you checked out?

If there is still time on the clock (aka ‘if you are still breathing’), you’ve got the chance to be the fan in the stands (for yourself as well as others) who keeps cheering because you know, in your heart and soul, that victory is still possible.

Never say never.

Lightning struck twice on Sunday.

Lightning could strike today in your world.

Don’t miss it.



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