Is YOUR Inner Star Rockin’ Out?!?

Is Your Inner Star Rockin’ Out?

If we all got to be what we wanted when we were kids, there would be a glut of policemen, firefighters and rock stars roaming the earth. Since my early teens, when I discovered cool bands like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, I have been fascinated by rock stars. Any artist, and I will also include painters and poets in the same esteem, who creates something beautiful from nothing except his/her own heart and mind, rocks my world.

In the early days, a tennis racket served as my guitar. A cardboard box and two pencils was my drum kit. My record player provided the soundtrack, and I was on.

Even now, at age 45, rocking out in the car still makes me smile. “Welcome to Honda CR-V Stadium, you’re a great audience!”

Looking back on Halloween over the last decade or so, it’s pretty clear that I still want to be a rock star. Although I don’t attend as many celebrations these days, my costume of choice is overwhelmingly easy: Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

He’s got a distinct look, feel, walk and talk. At times during his drug-fueled days, it was ‘Cadaver Dressed as a Pirate”. Most often, it’s a raspy, stumbling mess who carries all the great power that embodies pure rock and roll…for me.

Here’s the look from this weekend’s party.   Keef

The minute I walked in, people got it. The comments were cool. I was happy in this costume. For just a few hours, I ‘was’ Keith. It made me wish I was really a guitar player. I own one, I just can’t play it well. But I can do Keith’s stage moves well, having practiced so many times in the mirror over the years.

For me, putting on ‘Brown Sugar’ or ‘Happy’ (with Keith on lead vocal) is enough for me to fulfill my rock star dream for a few moments each day.

In my own way, I am actually living my dream. For close to a decade, I have been on my own little stage, rocking out my own message (from my mind and heart) as a professional speaker and author.

I’ve written my own words. I’ve got my own signature stage moves.

And it’s fun to jam and practice with others, coming up with new ideas.

And every time I take the stage, I enjoy the energy of the audience, no matter how many sets are filled.

Are YOU rocking YOUR stage these days?

Somewhere inside you, is there a rock star who enjoys singing and playing your song?

Who were your idols and heroes? Do you see and hear them in your mind whenever you are on your own stage?

Do you do like I, and so many others, do? Do you (in your early days) pretend to be your heroes, lip-synching along with THEIR songs until you come up with your own?

Do you fake it ‘til you make it?

Does it still make you smile to think of your mentors who paved the way, lighting a path for you to follow, writing your own songs once you get your confidence up?

Tonight I will be on-stage leading my Vision Board Experience for an audience of two dozen people.

We will rock, we will roll, we will sing a shared song…and I will encourage each attendee to develop his/her own rock star persona.

That’s what makes the world beautiful: each of us singing and playing our own song as best we can.

You never know, somewhere in YOUR audience is someone who wishes to rock out like you do.

Who are you to deny them a great performance, the BEST of YOU?

Keep on singing your song, all day and all of the night.

Rock on, my friends!

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