Sox in Six (A ‘Worst to First’ Lesson in TEAMsmanship!

At the time of this writing, the Red Sox are batting in the 3rd inning of World Series game 6. From September 2011 (during an EPIC collapse) until Opening Day 2013, the Sox were a major disappointment. Two world championships were mere memories. All built up ‘good will’ had been burned to the ground.
What happened, though, was a quiet assembly process from the office of the new General Manager Ben Cherington. The hiring seemed to work under the radar. There were no ‘big bat studs’ brought in. They had ‘chemistry’ in their plan (and not the illegal type which hits home runs). They invested in speed…and personalities to fit their plan to become WINNERS again. No matter what happens in this series…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.   Fenway-Park-wallpaper
They went from worst to first in one season.

They played like they were having fun.

They cheered each other on.

They had each others’ backs.

They were fun to watch.

At no point in the season did they lose more than 3 games in a row.

They were resilient. Are YOU?

Who is on your team? Are you loaded with ‘team’ players or surrounded by egos and ‘ME’ thinkers?

I hope you’re having fun playing your game.

I am.

I love my team.


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