Giving Thanks and Giving!

Harry Chapin is a singer/songwriter whose music (and message) I really enjoy. So many of his shows, each year, were benefits for charities across the country.  In one of his live recordings, he mentioned someone he admired: a high school principal who got on the school’s PA system to thank everyone for helping so many local families during a Thanksgiving Food Drive. After congratulating his students, he asked a question: “What are these people going to eat…next week?”

Great question.

As the holidays approach, extra special effort is given to help others, and that is wonderful. I applaud everyone who reaches out.

Here in New England, we endure some pretty harsh weather conditions in winter. Last year, during a trip to the local Salvation Army location, I heard a heartbreaking story of two homeless men who’d walked in off the street so cold that their hands and feet were frosty white.

My good friend Kevin Willett is someone who gives year-round. He has created his own networking group called Friends of Kevin. He left Corporate America to, in his words, change the world.

And he’s doing it.

As part of each event, he asks “Who is doing something with a charity you’d like to promote?”  We each get 60 seconds to share.

Last night he told us a story of working at the Dracut Food Pantry just before Thanksgiving several years ago. He had one turkey left as the closing time drew near. A young woman called and asked if he had anything for her.

He could hear the desperation in her voice.

He said “I’ve got one turkey and you’ve got 15 minutes to get here.”

She thanked him and promised to be there.

When he handed her the turkey, she sat down and cried as she held it. Her family would get to celebrate Thanksgiving.

If this does not move you, I don’t know what will. I am fighting tears as I write this.turkey

Kevin is a giver, year-round.  I am doing my best with my own BeachBum Philanthropy mission.

What can YOU do?

Do you know someone in a challenging situation, or someone in the community who is already helping others? Perhaps you can reach out with a simple question: “What do you need?”

It’s great to have the holidays as a reminder to help others.

It feels great to give.

Try it, year round.

It’s a warm coat for your heart that you may never want to take off.

Much love and appreciation to you all.

Thank you for being the reason I put so much time (and heart) into these messages.

P.S. Kevin just launched the “World’s Largest Virtual Turkey Drive”. Click on the name to ‘like’ it and learn more!


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