If You Are Reading This (Because I Can Write It), Please Thank a Veteran!

At the time of this writing, I am enjoying a breakfast of non-fat Pineapple Greek Yogurt…because I can.

Living in America, as compared to some other parts of the world, I could add ‘because I can’ to so many of my life’s activities. As a speaker and author, I am connected with people of all nations. Thanks to the freedom to say and do anything I wish via Social Media, my message gets to go around the world and back, every day.

The reason I can do this began with a renegade group of thinkers who seized initiative in the mid-to-late 1700s. They didn’t like what was going on, and how they were being treated…so they banded together and took action.

Every person who took up arms believing in that cause, risking the loss of their lives for the cause of freedom, is a hero to me.

By signing the Declaration of Independence, this amazing country was launched.

In my mind and heart, every person who has taken up arms to defend this nation since, is also a hero.

Today’s blog is not about politics.

It is not about right and wrong.

It is about a willingness to stand up to add strength to the foundation laid by some very brave people many generations ago.

It is about putting your life on the line to save the life of the soldier next to you, as well as the people thousands of miles away, warm in their homes on American soil.

It is about the respect I feel for all those who came before me who risked (and lost) their lives so that I can wake up every day in a country that allows me to share my voice and opinions without fear of being silenced.

While I may not always agree with the war, I will always say THANK YOU to those who serve in it on my behalf.

To everyone who has served, from this most grateful American…THANK YOU and God Bless America.

Veterans Day2


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