Hand-Warming, Foot-Warming…Heart-Warming!

Hand-Warming, Foot-Warming…Heart-Warming!

Yesterday I was working at my Dad’s, wearing the leaf-blower backpack to clear the yard one last time. It was about 19 degrees outside. Anytime I needed to, as the ratty work-gloves I was wearing were not doing their job, I could have gone into the house to warm up.

Sadly, not everyone can say that.

The economy of the last 5 years has, unfortunately, wiped out the earning power of many good, hard-working people who are now homeless or living in very challenging situations.

While I cannot change that (I am a struggling entrepreneur myself, at times), there is one thing I *can* do.

Last winter, one of my BeachBum Philanthropy missions was to gather socks and gloves for the homeless. I went as cheaply as possible, aiming more for quantity than quality. This year, quality will reign supreme.

Today’s BeachBum mission will guarantee that ONE homeless person will receive a top-quality pair of gloves and socks. At least I know that one pair of frozen hands and feet will be warm during the upcoming harsh New England winter…maybe even a soul.

Acts of Kindness are great when they are free. Some require an investment. This one could actually save a life, or a limb.

With all the BS swirling around healthcare these days, this one is a sure winner…yet I cannot MAKE you do it. Nor would I.

I can only make the suggestion.

Got a coat that’s been gathering dust for a few winters? It could be warming a homeless veteran instead of a coat rack.

Is there an extra pair of boots, gently worn but still perfectly capable of keeping someone’s street-feet warm and dry?

What can YOU do to help, as the weather gets colder?

Whatever it is, it will warm a heart…starting with your own.

Much love and appreciation to you all.

Thank you for being the reason I put so much time (and heart) into these messages.


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