Carlos Santana, Still Rockin’ a Beautiful Song!

Several weeks ago, I had the joy of spending time with my sweet beautiful Tina and some friends in Las Vegas. For 7 days I got to enjoy delicious food, did my best to make my cards total 21, and even got to jump off the tallest tower in America (at the Stratosphere Hotel).

One of the highlights of the week happened the very first night. After an exhausting day of travel and a pair of airports, we climbed to the upper balcony row at the House of Blues to catch Carlos Santana for the final show of his recent residency.


At age 66, this man is still rocking with the energy and passion he displayed on the Woodstock stage in 1969. For all the fire coming from his fingers as they blazed across the 6 strings of his guitar, the most powerful punch came between the songs.

Peppered among the hits of the last 40+ years, delivered by a top-flight band (which included a brief yet thunderous appearance by his wife Cindy on drums), were Santana’s messages of peace, hope and love.  Carlos Santana

Some of the loudest cheers and applause were inspired by his soul. There is no time in life for misery and negativity. There is only time for love, for doing good things, for being one people sharing the best energy.

As a speaker and author, I wholeheartedly agree with this message. I cheered him as much for this part of the performance as I did at the climax of each song.

What is YOUR message?

Believe it or not, YOU are on-stage every day.

The world is listening to your performance whether you are a stockbroker, auto mechanic, athlete, home-maker, dry cleaner or salesperson.

Are you surrounding yourself with people who help you to make beautiful music with a message?

Does your song come from your soul, like Carlos Santana?

Does it make people happy?

Does it make YOU happy?


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