Are You Testing Positive for Negativity?

Last week I was on a mission. After seeing so many news stories pop up regarding ‘The Knockout Game’, my blood was boiling and I took an extended work-break to look up ‘Good Guys Fight Back’ videos on YouTube. I’ll admit it, I smile when one person tries to rob or assault someone else, and the victim beats the crap out of the aggressor.

What ultimately happened, though, was a descent into a frustrating, angry half-week (leading up to a day which is supposed to be devoted to being thankful and spreading holiday cheer).

Much like the Law of Attraction, which is a major part of my speaking, I became a magnet for a tidal wave of frustration and negativity. The worst part? I was actually SEEKING it on purpose!

I was actually testing positive for negativity. Good think the Motivational League doesn’t wasn’t testing that day!

After a break from the office to celebrate the Day of the Turkey with family, my balance began to restore. As we all shared funny stories of relatives and holidays past, my smile returned (inside and out).

Due to the holiday, I did not create last Thursday’s e-newsletter. Instead, I began preparing this one early on Saturday. As I sought out positive news and videos to share, the lesson struck me. All that negative stuff is still out there. I am aware of it, but I don’t have to drown in it.

Positive news was out there too…when I deliberately looked for it.

What a difference a web search makes!   search binocs

After cruising the news with an attitude earlier in the week, ranting about the despicable acts of the few, I missed so many great people committing acts of kindness, sharing holiday bounty with friends and strangers, and spreading love and kindness.

Some of my favorite places to find the good stuff:

What are YOU searching for these days? If you’re looking for bad news, you can’t miss it. It’s right there kicking off every newscast, and in the boldest print on the front page of the newspaper.

If you seek love, light and goodness, that’s out there too.

Sometimes we just have to look a little bit harder.

It all depends on what’s in YOUR search engine.

Will you pass the Positivity Test this week?


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