Suit Up for the Giving Game, Football Style!

Last week my stepmom Aline was at a discount store buying items to be donated to a local shelter. As she reached the register, the clerk asked about her purchases (of several winter hats and gloves), commented on the nice gesture, and asked if Aline would like to contribute an additional dollar to a local food pantry. After Aline gladly agreed, the clerk replied “Thank you so much”, then admitted: “I have had to go there myself from time to time.”

Steve’s call: If Aline’s purchase was a touchdown, that additional dollar was an extra-point kick.

From behind her came a gruff male voice: “Those people should get off their butts and stop expecting free handouts.”

Steve’s call: Whistle blown, and a yellow penalty flag hits the field. “Excessive grumbling, level-3 rudeness penalty!”

“I’m just saying that, from time to time, I’ve had to go there because this job doesn’t pay enough for me to survive” explained the register clerk.

“Then you need to get a better job” came his reply, as he grabbed his items and left.

Steve’s call: “Unsportsmanlike conduct, you are ejected from my game.”


I will give a tiny bit of latitude to this gentleman (a tiny bit).

Are there people out there scamming the system and preying on peoples’ good nature instead of working?

There sure are…and they disgust me.

Are there people out there willing to work their butts off who lack the skills, confidence, health and resources to earn much more than minimum wage, for whom it is very difficult to get ahead?

Hell yes! And I salute them for trying, for having the pride in themselves to keep at it, especially when their efforts don’t seem to be helping them gain new ground.  Referee Signaling Score

I will do my best to help these people as often as I can, because I believe in them.

That is why I have done some homework to discover the community programs which do the most good, and maximize their donated dollars.

For example, the NH Food Bank wields such buying power that they can provide a meal for as low as 50-cents.

50 cents!

That means there is enough change clanging around under the seats of my car to feed several people today…if I’ll get off my butt and retrieve it. I just need to remember that life is a game that needs to be played, to win.

Do you know who the major players are in YOUR community? The ones who are truly giving and making a difference? They are the play-makers, the winners…and they need more of us to suit up and pitch in!

Leave the grumblers in the parking lot. They have their reasons for feeling/acting the way they do, and that is fine…for them.

What can YOU do to get in the game today, and contribute to a win?



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