A Holiday Message from Steve

Wow, we made it. Another year just about to be checked off, forever. What did this year teach you? What did you learn from it?

I learned that the power of focus can make your life much easier if you possess it. If you are someone for whom bright shiny objects are a challenge, like me, you may have had a year littered with successes and challenges…and the piles may not be too far apart.

This year I got to meet some amazing people who brought love and happiness to my life. I also encountered a few who apparently forgot to stand in line the day God was handing out integrity.

There were days I worked my brains out, creating new content and speaking form my heart…and there were days that a 5-Hour Energy and a pair of jumper cables could NOT get my head off the pillow.

Some days felt really low, stuck in a dark valley of depression…and others had me at the top of the world, both literally and figuratively (click HERE for views of the big Vegas jump).

Whatever you experienced this year, for better or for worse, you’ve had plenty of things to learn from. What did they teach you? What did you learn?

What will you take from 2013 in order to kick 2014 in the butt?

How will you become the best version of yourself which has ever existed?

It won’t come from books, CDs, DVDs or speakers like me.

It all starts inside YOU.

I wish you the best the for an amazing holiday season. may you give, and receive, all the love you can.

Most sincerely,



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