“76 Rockin’ Seconds on the Cole Train…Movin’ On Up!”

Over a decade ago, American Idol arrived on the scene, opening the floodgates for a plethora of talent shows: singing, dancing, juggling, ventriloquism and a few that I find very hard to describe (look up America’s Got Talent Horse).

Of them all, my hands-down favorite is The Voice. For those who haven’t seen it, four highly successful artists acting as ‘coaches’ turn their backs to the stage as they listen for a ‘sound’ they’d like to work with.

From the most recent season, this is, by far, my favorite audition.

Cole Vosbury Audition – Season 5

From the opening notes, it sounded familiar…a song from my childhood!

Here’s the timeline, in order of coolness:

:07 the crowd is already screaming

:10 Coach Adam Levine questions the title of the song, then pumps his fist “YES!”

:14 the crowd is clapping along

:45 Coach CeeLo Green confirms his interest in Cole

:47 Cole points and smiles, still rocking out the song

:51 Cole’s family and friends, backstage, erupt!

1:14 Cole thanks the audience and band

1:16 Coach CeeLo says “I like that” as the performance ends.

A raspy-voiced blend of country, blues and funky soul, Cole Vosbury absolutely blew me away with his 76 second audition. 

Although CeeLo was the only coach to claim him at the audition, Blake Shelton scooped Cole up after he lost in a shootout vocal. With this new guidance, he eventually reached the Top 5 before falling short in the voting.

Incredible…he was given 76 seconds to show the world what he’s all about, and he did it.

He made people happy enough to clap and sing along. He impressed someone who could have a huge impact on taking his career to the next level.

He had family and friends around him, who knew his dream, who supported and cheered him on.

Are YOU ready to ride the Cole Train in 2014?

Does the world know your goals, hopes and dreams?

Do you have people who cheer you on?

Are you risking it all to share yourself with people who could influence your life forever?

Will you risk failing, because the chance for reward is so great?

As the calendar turns, I am already preparing to rock my message for the new year.

I am aiming higher, reaching farther, and overcoming some fears to step onto bigger and better stages to share my song (spoken word only…believe me, you do NOT want me to start singing!!).

Will you join me in blowing the roof off our own limitations?

It took Cole Vosbury 76 seconds to change his life forever.

How long will it take YOU?

Are you ready to begin movin’ on up?


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