The Cilantro That Rocked My World!

The Cilantro That Rocked My World!

If I had been on time, this would never have happened.

Okay, that’s the most half-assed excuse for running late I’ve ever heard, but it’s true.

Guys, feel free to use it…as long as you have an excuse like this one I am about to tell you.

“I’ll be leaving at 5:00” I promised my fiancée Tina, “and I’ll pick up the hamburg and chicken tenders.”

At 5:45 I left for the store to get the fixings for dinner.

With tenders and ‘burg in hand, I made my way to the express lane.

“If there’s someone behind me with a few items, we’re buying them” my mind told me.

Two scanner-beeps later, my items were done.

Nobody else was in line.

Oh well.

Then a gentleman in his mid-to-late 50’s approached.


He approached my register and then, spying the neighboring one with no customers, faded to the right.


Then he came back.

Sweet…the emotional tennis match was over!

He also had 2 items.

“Sir, could you do me a great big favor?

“I guess”, he replied with a confused look.

“My friends and family have promised to do an act of kindness every day. Today’s almost over and I haven’t done one yet. Would you please let me pay for those items?”

A strange look.

“Seriously? I guess so.”

What he said next made me laugh.

“I’ve heard of you people.”

As his items were being scanned, I asked “Wait, you don’t have a lobster hiding in that basket…do you?!?

Now HE laughed and held out his hand, with tears in his eyes.

“I just lost my wife in November. Thank you very much for doing this for me.”

There must have been a sudden gust of grocery dust, because MY eyes were now a little misty, as were the eyes of our cashier.

“You’re welcome, sir”, I replied, taking his hand. “I hope you have a good evening. Take care.”

As he wandered out the store, I had to wonder: why did he come back to my line?

I would love to believe that the hand of his wife gently guided him back to cross my path.

The cashier then handed me the receipt: apples and cilantro: $2.79.   Hannaford Receipt2

For less than $3.00, my heart was warmed and my mind was blown.

Why am I sharing this story?

With all the bad things going on out there, moments like this give me hope.

When people ‘let’ us help, it can warm two souls.

And when you post it on Facebook, with a photo of the receipt, it can warm so many more.

Within 24 hours, this little story had over 200 likes and 50+ comments.

Many people said it inspired THEM to hold a door, share kind words, help a neighbor, buy a coffee for the next person in line, etc.

That’s what this whole mission is all about for me, really.

I am so happy, and beyond blessed, that you are here sharing it with me.

You are good. You are beautiful. You are powerful.

You are ‘love’.

Thank you for being here, and for being you.

Much love and appreciation to you all.




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