Are You Screaming #SendMeOreo ?!?

They’ve done it again!

On February 3rd, Oreo will launch two new flavors: Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy.

During Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, a new Nabisco ad ran promoting these two new flavors, offering a Tweetable hashtag for a chance to win these tasty teeth-scrapers before the rest of the world gets to enjoy them.

 Will these new flavors command premium shelf space for long?

 Will they revolutionize the cookie industry?

 Will they knock off the champion, the original black and white Oreo?

Only time, and public interest, will tell.

For all the marketing hype and clever social media gimmicks, it all comes down to this: am I happier when I eat these cookies?

When the New York Daily News shared samples, some people liked them, and some did not. A common reply was: “If it ain’t broke, don’t twist it.”

For me, you can’t go wrong with an original.

I love to be reminded of why I fell in love with something in the first place.

I am still a fan of the original Oreos: two black discs with a creamy filling.

When companies play around too much with the formula, they risk losing me.

You heard it from your fans, right ‘New’ Coke?

This goes far beyond cookies for me.

At the holidays: give me Rudolph, Frosty and Charlie Brown.

Original. Memorable. Classic.

How long has it been since any broadcast executives decided to air ‘The ALF Christmas Special’, ‘Christmas Comes to Pac-Land’ or ‘He-Man and She-Ra: a Christmas Special’?

Each was produced to cash in on a flash-in-the-pan moment of public attention, before slipping into virtual obscurity.

What are YOU offering the world?

Have you struck gold by creating a product or service that your clients love, and keep coming back for?

Is your message one which will stand the test of time?

Do people think of you and smile a smile as big as the one I still get when I twist a classic Oreo and scrap the filling with my teeth?

Or are you changing quickly, always trying to develop something new?

My money’s on the classics.   Oreo

As a speaker, I have been developing and sharing three basic presentations my entire career.

Do small things about them change over time? Certainly.

But have I changed the formula and basic flavor?


I’m all about delivering from-the-heart, authentic real-life messages with a taste of humor mixed in.

It’s been a winning recipe for me, and I won’t be changing it.

How about you?

Will your consistency keep you on the world’s shelves for a long time to come, or are you tinkering with the formula trying to find something new to strike a cashable chord?

I give Oreo much credit for never abandoning the cookie that’s kept them on the map for over 100 years. I can still find the original, prominently displayed at any major supermarket.

What is YOUR classic?

What flavor of YOURS rocks the world’s taste buds?

Whether they twist and scrap or just bite right in, are your customers enjoying YOU today?

Stay tasty and enjoyable, my friends!

Be a smart cookie.



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