Are You as Young (At Heart) as a 71-Year-Old Pole Dancer?

My stepmom Aline is a pretty rockin’ individual. At age 71, she still works full-time, she can rock a snowy hill with her grandkids, she makes spaghetti and meatballs for my dad every Monday night…and she’s part of the BeachBum Philanthropy giving team.

In short, she is a joyful person. She is also a pretty colorful character.

Whenever she’s looking at add some sparkle to her fingertips, Aline visits Wicked Salon in Goffstown NH. I know several women who love to visit ‘The Wickeds’ (as I call them) for their hair and nails, etc.

“What’s that color called?” Aline asked during a recent visit as her nails were receiving treatment.

“It’s called Pole Dancer” replied her technician Christa with a smile.

After taking a photo of her new hue, Aline texted me this message, all in caps: “WOO-HOO, Pole Dancer!”

Where do they come up with these names, anyway?!?

Although very few people (outside of the Jerry Springer Show audience) would high-five their stepmoms for rockin’ a strip club audience, her zest for life would certainly rival that of any redneck family reunion cheering on their grandma.

It is this quality that is one of her most admirable.

Here she is, all decked out for a recent themed-day at work (she was an AARP Tour Guide).  Aline AARP2

Not everyone takes advantage and adds color to everyday life, but Aline never misses the opportunity to bring the joy.

How can YOU bring some life and color to the upcoming week?

Will you let your inner joy be shared with the outside world?

Can you rock your world with all the energy of a glittered-up pole dancer?


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